Hotel Danmark

June 18, 2017

A few days ago I posted my highlights from 3 Days of Design ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) , but what I haven’t yet shared other than sneak peeks was the place I called home for these couple of design days in Copenhagen. I usually stay at SP34 while in town but this time around Brøchner Hotels happened to open the doors to its new luxury boutique Hotel Danmark that coincided with our stay.  I really wanted to experience the brand new hotel even though it wasn’t yet officially opened so I booked a stay, but I didn’t get to shoot all the spaces for this post that I wanted to (the rooftop terrace and breakfast area were not finished yet for example), which means next time I am in town I could be stopping again for those extra photos. For today however I am glad to share the room that I stayed in and some speak peeks from around the hotel, so scroll down for never before seen photos of the rooms from my perspective 😉

One of the first thing I noticed when I entered my room were the big windows that offer an amazing view of Copenhagen (Tivoli is a few meters away as well) right in front of me. All rooms regardless of size offer the same views, for me light and big windows is a winning point for any hotel room, but also something I value in my own apartment as well ( my new place in Oslo has similar windows and I can’t wait to move in first of July!).  The windowsills are also big enough that when I needed to work I could set up a working spot on any of them and enjoy the view while emailing or editing photos (one of the sneak peeks while I was there was Todays office in Copenhagen where I showed the spot I was working on that day). However the double superior room also offers a very comfortable couch and side tables, a solution I used a lot to work from. 

My bed was comfortable ( to my opinion and liking) with Aiayu  details standing out for a luxurious feel. From the Hollie bedspread to the Heather pillows ( not just in the bedroom but also in the living room and lobby of the hotel), the brass and marble details and designer furniture,  Hotel Danmark offers a unique experience that is very connected to Danish design today.

Generally the hotel was not quite finished at the time of my visit, so there were some details that I expect will be fixed by the time it is officially up and running. I will not dedicate time into listing them, however one the things I would like to see fixed would be the bathrooms that did not feel completely renovated. The rest of the hotel has gone into extensive full renovation and it would be a shame for the bathrooms not to receive the same attention as well. 

When it comes to the lobby there are two spaces that the now famous and much loved wine hour can be enjoyed , while guests are welcomed to sit outside as well but also on the rooftop terrace too. 

Overall and with the exception of a few hiccups that I am sure will be resolved within a few weeks after official opening,  I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Danmark, the rooms were big and beautiful while the stuff was as always very accommodating. If I have any advice is bring a sleep mask, the curtains that are a beautiful cream color are not shielding against the morning light.

Before I wrap up this post, probably I will get this question a lot so this is the perfect time to answer. Do I prefer the new Hotel Danmark or the old and favorite SP34? Both hotels are unique in their design, both luxurious and in a great location but ultimately I find SP34 design more to my style. The fact that it is closer to Metro station is also a plus but the winning lobby and designer bathrooms as SP34 will always win me over.

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

3 Days of Design : Part 2

June 12, 2017

As promised today I am sharing Part 2 from my time at 3 Days of Design with some of the things that caught my eye (check for part 1 here). Read below for some of my impressions from Menu, &Tradition, Muuto, Republic of Fritz Hansen, Erik Jørgensen, Montana and finally a small tribute to designer Mia Lagerman. 

Let me start with one of the nights I enjoyed the most when I had dinner at Menu Space, Menu‘s brand new design studio, office space and cafe, in the harbor district of Nordhavn a day before their official opening. An incredible night that started with a solo violinist greeting us outside, amazing dinner with the owners of Menu, danish designers, architects,stylists and photographers, and few of the most influential people in the design world today. In front of me sat Kinfolk editor in chief Nathan Williams while on my right co-founder of Norm Architects and Menu’s Design Manager Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen who greeted us with an introduction about the space, the design process and some words on the evolution of its architecture throughout the years to come. The evening finished with an improv performance from 3 ballet dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet ( Hannah in the House also took some beautiful photos you can check out here including some of the performance). If you have time, do go by the new Menu space, it is definitely one of my first stops next time in Copenhagen! 

The second day after a very busy morning we headed out to the &tradition showroom . The Village, promptly named is created as a contemporary small scale version of a monochrome and harmonious village structure inside a big warehouse on the Paper Island in Copenhagen. Twelve monolithic enclaves have been constructed to showcase different furniture scenarios from different designers – all varying in height to allow for different light. While each one is an entity all on its own, assembled under one roof, the space is an abstract archetype of a village. 

The evening started early with design talks from co-founder of Norm Architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Space Copenhagen . Later the party started that lasted until almost early hours of the morning, probably the best place to be the second night of 3 Days of Design 🙂

Earlier the same day it was time to visit Muuto and my friends that work there. Muuto is a Scandinavian design company that joins forces with the leading contemporary designers to create original products with new perspectives. The result is an innovative, aesthetic and functional collection of New Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories for modern interiors all over the world. The Muuto showroom is located in the heart of Copenhagen, in a bright and inviting space, which also features a beautiful rooftop terrace – here you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the Copenhagen skyline. We were again lucky to be there around lunch time so we were treated to an amazing lunch on the rooftop terrace, my big thanks to Katrine for being such a great host and for the impromptu invite! Next time I am coming over I know about when is the best time to visit 🙂

Another showroom I was looking forward to visit was that of Republic of Fritz Hansen. An international, exclusive design brand, founded in Denmark in 1872 with a mission to create a timeless design, Fritz Hansens collection consists of internationally recognized furniture classics and contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories. Fritz Hansen has a long tradition of collaborating with leading international designers and architects, including many large Danish personalities such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner ,Poul Kjærholm and one of my favorites Jaime Hayon. On the photo above and below you can see one of his recent designs that is on my wishlist, the Lune Sofa in dusty pink. 

One of the reasons I arrived a day earlier for the fair was because I was lucky to be invited at the party that signaled the grand opening of the combined showroom in Bredgade 76 for Erik Jørgensen, Montana, the showroom was open to the public the next day. The first floor where Erik Jørgensen is mostly situated was designed in way that all rooms had a theme that highlighted the designs. Each room has its own expression and color scheme: The Botanical Garden, the Office, Tranquility, and the Blue Room. It has been a close collaboration with Niels Jørgensen – everything from selecting furniture to textiles and the color of the rooms. My favorites , the Botanical garden as seen above, a trip into the perfect green scenery, where the furniture, walls and flooring are tone in tone, with only a few yellow and brown tones breaking the green space. Tranquility room as seen below , all clad in white, creates a sense of surplus, purity and tranquility, as a perfect contrast to the heavy furniture classics.

Montana was founded in 1982 by Peter J. Lassen and based on his philosophy of people having a need for freedom and a desire to create their own personal spaces. The showroom can be found on the second floor of Bredgade 76, also divided in several themed rooms. This time around one can find different solutions for every room of the house represented in the different spaces within the Montana showroom, from the bedroom to the bathroom themed room. 

Last but not least, a few words for Mia Lagerman whose workspace and showroom can be found if you walk past Overgaard & Dyrman office and showroom on the top floor of Frederiksgade 1. Mia works with furniture design, her interest for industrial production, form and function, and her passion for exploring material is reflected in her designs. 

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

3 Days of Design : Part 1

June 11, 2017

As promised today I am sharing a few of my highlights from 3 Days of Design I attended a few days ago in Denmark. If you don’t know already, 3 Days of Design is a design event held annually in Copenhagen for the first 3 days of June. It draws journalists, buyers and design enthusiasts from around the world to Copenhagen, to experience a new and refreshing look on design presented in a unique collaboration between top design companies and designers in their own showrooms. Everyone has the chance to participate at various events, happenings, product launches, exhibitions and design talks while enjoying a breakfast, brunch or dinner being held in most of the venues. It is truly a unique experience and even though this was my first year visiting, I will make room for my calendar already for next year as well. 

In today’s and tomorrow’s posts I will share some of my favorite moments from my favorite showrooms and try to pass on some of the spirit of the design festival, if you want to know more, keep reading below!

Curiously enough I am starting my post with the very last place we visited with Elisabeth ( my partner in crime for everything design related ) , the Pop-up at Lindencrones mansion for HAY. The Lindencrones mansion was built in 1753 in a restrained Rococo style and consists of three storeys and a high celler under a black mansard roof. The facade is constructed in limestone ashlars from Lindencrone’s estate at Stevns.

HAY’s continued vision is to create straightforward, functional and aesthetic design in cooperation with some of the world’s most talented, curious and courageous designers. There were many news shown at the 

Lindencrones mansion, some of the previews include the Rope Trick light, the Result Chair and Pyramid Collection along with a first preview of the new HAY kitchen market. What is interesting is that the kitchen market will be staying at Lindencrones mansion for a while! For more HAY news and some beautiful lifestyle photos in the mansion, check the gallery here.

At the very top floor at Frederiksgade 1 one can find the beautiful showroom of Overgaard & Dyrman , a contemporary furniture maker who is successfully merging traditional craft techniques with modern technology. We got to see their new Wire Lounge Sofa while I was lucky to find the time to take some photos taking advantage of some peaceful moments during lunch hour. New leathers and colors were also added to the collection and the showroom is boasting a new look so do stop by if you are close! If you are lucky you might get to see some exclusive prototypes or items that are not even for sale, like the beautiful limited edition leather cardholder that caught my eye in one of the cabinets made exclusively for Rogoba in Tokyo (take a glimpse here).

At Frederiksgade 1, a venue that houses some of my favorite showrooms, one can also find on the first floor the House of Finn Juhl.  In 2001 Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen were trusted with the exclusive rights to manufacture and re-launch Finn Juhl’s sculptural and iconic furniture by Finn Juhl’s widow. Today the unique Finn Juhl collection consists of 40 classic masterpieces, all of which House of Finn Juhl manufactures with the utmost respect for the original heritage and strict demands for quality. 

For 3 Days of Design, all the iconic chairs were lifted up for a better viewpoint in one of the most memorable and most photographed displays, but even darker corners looked just as unique due to the shape, the aesthetics and the design details that makes for the signature of the House of Finn Juhl.

On the last day we finally took one of the 3 Days of Design boats towards Nordhavnen where we found the showroom and offices of Gubi. A mind blowing beautiful open space hosts designs from Gubi Olsen, Mathieu Mategot, Greta M. Grossman, Henning Larsen Architects to Space Copenhagen , Gamfratesi and many more ( for a full list of the many designers check here ). I showed some of the news from the Stockholms design fair here , most notable the new upholsteries for the Beetle Dining chairs and the new Pedrera Ana Pendant Lamp Black,created as a tribute by Ruiz Millet to the designer of the original Pedrera lamps . I was excited to see everything settling in, along with some of my old time favorites the Multi-Lite pendant and the Stay sofa.

Another interesting stop was at the Fredericia new showroom, at the top of the historic former Royal Mail House in the heart of Copenhagen. 

Fredericia presented its entire brand universe for the first time with stories from its founding in 1911 until the present day. Visitors can experience everything from classic design icons by Børge Mogensen, Hans J. Wegner and Nanna Ditzel to creative product news by Jasper Morrison, Aurélien Barbry and Geckeler Michels including an inspiring gallery with special highlights, such as Børge Mogensen’s original 2213 sofa, which for many years stood in the designer’s own home.

For the 3 Days of Design festival we were invited to the tactile and visual experience showcasing iconic and new furniture dressed in innovative fabrics by Kvadrat/Raf Simons along with brunch on the rooftop, a truly amazing experience.

Last but not least, a quick shot back from Frederiksgade 1 of File under Pop.  The vision of File Under Pop is to transform rooms fundamentally by clothing the surfaces. Unique hand crafted ceramic terra-cotta tiles, lavastone, wallpaper and paint are designed for walls, floors and ceilings.  

File Under Pop has it’s own production of wallpaper in Copenhagen. Paint is used together with copper- , silver-, white gold- and 23 carat gold leaf. Paint is created in collaboration with Jotun Denmark – a leading Norwegian producer of quality decorator’s paint for more than 85 years. What better when two great ideas come together for a stunning result?

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

A visit at Skagerak Showroom in Copenhagen

June 10, 2017

I have been travelling a lot last few weeks and I find it increasingly more difficult to find time to edit the numerous photos I have in my folders in order to make my blogposts in time, thankfully there is always instagram that is always updated daily. When it comes to the blog however, for me nothing is better than sharing a little bit more details, insights and bigger photos, but I don’t want to lower the quality of the posts so they have been a little delayed lately. However I am finally back for a few weeks and I will not be travelling again due to moving in July so I will be finally catching up and getting everything in order. Lets do this!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite places I visited during 3 days of design, the Skagerak showroom/ lifestyle store. I will be sharing my highlights of the Danish showroom event shortly so keep an eye for that in the next days to come. 

The former Post & Tele Office at the Freeport of Copenhagen was built in 1906. In late 2015 it went through a total renovation with help from the design studio All the way to Paris. Today completely restored and renovated, the venue serves as a showroom for Skagerak but also as their offices in Copenhagen, while it also carries a curated selection of few of the stuffs favorite complimentary products ( LA Bruket , Kinfolk magazines, Korbo baskets etc all can be found on the first floor ). What I loved was the relaxed atmosphere of Skagerak, there is a big backyard where they also host events ( their chef will create dishes from herbs grown right in the garden!) for example during 3 days of design anyone could relax outside in the sun enjoying soft drinks and appetizers!

If you are ever in Copenhagen or even if you live there but don’t know of the Skagerak showroom yet, it is one place I totally recommend visiting, as for me, next time I am in the city I will definitely be heading back for more photos and a soft drink!

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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