My apartment in Oslo full tour : Up for sale

April 9, 2018

Last few days I have been styling and photographing the apartment I am renting, and today I can finally share it as well! I have been very lucky to find this beautiful classic in the middle of Grünerløkka when I moved to Oslo last summer, with its beautiful layout and details, the original floors painted grey, stuccos and vintage stove.  The bathroom was completely renovated as well while the location of the apartment itself is perfect. Right next to Mathallen and a few meters away from Akerselva river, in the middle of Oslo. The apartment is located in the middle building of the city square and it is surrounded by a beautiful yard, full of trees and abundant space for summer strolls and dinners. Tim Wendelboe cafe is in the same city square as well, I can walk through my backyard in the morning for one of the best coffees in the city. 

Scroll down for a more complete look of my apartment, but also, if you want to see more photos in higher resolution , feel free to visit my dropbox folder . 

Although I spend quite a few months here, it took me a while before I painted everything the way I wanted. Call me a little bit slow, when it comes to another styling I make snap decisions, when it comes to my own space I move in turtle time. I did however manage finally make color decisions and I ended up redecorating the bedroom not a long time ago ( see before and after here ), while just a week ago I finished up the look in the kitchen and living room. Although I was planning on painting with Lady Minerals in the living room, due to time pressure I decided to instead use Lady Pure Supermatt colors since they are quicker to paint with ( they don’t require any special technique ) , while at the same time they give a timeless effect due to their supermat finish. The solution I ended up with was painting the wooden wall from its natural color to LADY 5455 Industrial Blue Supreme finish for wood and panels, while I kept the rest of the room simple and sleek painting in LADY 9918 Klassisk Hvit Pure color supermatt for walls. I love how my simple TV (and quite an old one) is now blending with the wall , while at the same time the beautiful blue is giving a feeling of luxury, win win!

For my styling I mostly used my own furniture and props, but some details I really feel added a lot of depth in my interpretation of “Modern living in an 1890s apartment”. The Crown chair from Mass Productions, the TR lamp from Menu and the posters on the wall were some of the new additions in my living room (kindly borrowed from, the Panthella lamp from Louis Poulsen (kindly borrowed from Elisabeth Heier), all easily blended in with all the furniture I already owned, the Core table lamp from New Works (I got mine from Home Made Stories shop ) the beautiful plinth marble table from Menu, Hay slit table in mirror, Pallo vases in various sizes from Skrufs glasbruk, Sofa from Bolia, marble low table from Erik Jørgensen EJ 64 , details from Frama and Byredo. Tip : Color coordinating works wonders for details, the blue wall matches the Core table lamp from New Works (its granite blue), but also the blue speaker from Urban Ears ( on the floor on a stack of books). 

The kitchen was also painted but this time I went for a more colorful look using LADY Raw Canvas 10961, Pure color supermatt. If there is anything I would have added ( and I still may if the new owners allow) would be to also paint the windows and the door the same color for a more uniform and modern look. However even with white details it works quite beautiful I think , and since the floors are grey I got to keep and color match even the And Tradition In Between table and chairs I already had. Small details also work great however in this setting, glass and brass bottle from Menu, salt bowl and brass spoon from Ferm Living (also terracotta fruit bowl and brass candleholder from Ferm Living on the table). 

And while I still live in this apartment until July, I will fully enjoy the balcony ( not sure if the next apartment will have one), if you want to get the look then most of pots for flowers and trays are from Skagerak , the chairs and coffee table is from Fermob , the bench from Domo design, cups from Kinto and water can from Menu. If there are any details you would like me to specify, please leave a comment below and I ll get back to you as soon as possible! 

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Dinner for 4 friends with Eva Solo

October 13, 2016

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Eva Solo. All opinions are my own.

I often mention how Autumn is my favorite season, so when it came to styling my table for dinner for four of my closest friends, I immediately thought I should decorate for fall. Apples, cranberries and leaves from the trees create the perfect feeling along with a combination of an earthy menu. This was also a great opportunity to use my collection of Eva Solo Trio dinnerware, along with the new Fall 2016 additions of the beautiful  Legio Nova line. 

I was very happy to also have a full set of the In Between chairs I ordered, so I was only missing a centerpiece. Since the table’s width is very small, I decided to instead hang from the ceiling a big driftwood I had been saving for such an occasion. It took me less than 15 minutes to “dress” it with branches from a forest tree. I hang it from the ceiling with the same twine I used to attach the branches on the driftwood.

When it comes to my menu of choice, I decided it should be simple and earthy. Mushrooms are the perfect fall companion and a simple cod main dish would give me the earthiness I had in mind. 

Menu :

Chanterelle Mushrooms and Rodrigo-Style Cod.

For the mushroom dish, I simply sauteed chanterelle , I drizzled some lemon on top and served in one of my favorite bowls from Eva Solo Trio with some black sea salt. ( I usually cook and eat this for lunch during Autumn, as you can see in my Mushroom Season post ).

For the Rodrigo style Cod, I borrowed the recipe from Pati Jinich, I heartily recommend it, it is simple, quick and easy, yet delicious dish!

//Photos by Katerina Dima

My centerpiece decoration had to go unfortunately soon after everyone was gone (the branches will wither rather quickly), but everything looked great while me and my friends enjoyed a fall inspired dinner. The Eva Solo dinnerware fitted perfectly with the theme, the design lines of the Legio Nova Trio line elevated the look and complemented my table. 

Overall I was very happy with how the evening went, and I am already planning a similar table theme but for Christmas this time around!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Moments with Stelton : Enjoying an afternoon coffee with friends or alone

June 26, 2016

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Stelton. All opinions are my own.

There are moments you want to share with friends and moments you enjoy alone. For the midsummer afternoon coffee I prepared the table with a variety of warm tea and coffee, milk on the side,fruits and dessert, and added flowers to brighten the mood since it has been raining non stop for all week. With the temperature a little lower, everyone is sure to enjoy warm coffee and tea, and the new lavender color of the Stelton EM77 vaccum jug fitted perfectly with the fresh peonies on the table and the mood I wanted to convey. I brought the electric kettle straight from the kitchen so it would be easier to poor hot water for our teas, the sleek design blends perfectly with the table styling. All in all, it was a beautiful afternoon and the rain didn’t bother us at all!

When not with friends however I enjoy my moments alone just as well. With a full EM77 with coffee or chocolate, some chocolate bonbons on the side, I can spend countless afternoons either perusing magazines or working late. I find tending to small details always lifts up my mood, so when I discovered the new Peak brass bonbonniere from Stelton I was more than happy to fill it upwith bonbons and make it a permanent addition on my coffee table.

For more Stelton moments with the EM77 vacuum jug,the peak bonbonniere,the Emma electric kettle and the Emma tableware, feel free to check Stelton instagram account at Stelton Design.

//Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima for Only Deco Love

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Hammershøi Kähler Giveaway : A Breakfast set for two

February 2, 2016

// Sponsored post in collaboration with Kähler. All opinions are my own.

//Styling and Photographs by Katerina Dima for Only Deco Love

During the weekend I had the opportunity to style some products from Kähler from their Hammershøi line. You will see more of the complete series in a few weeks , however today I am happy to announce a giveaway in collaboration with Kähler that I am conducting on my Instagram! A lucky winner will receive a breakfast set for two in the color of your choice that includes : 2 Hammershøi Cups + 2 Hammershøi Bowls + 2 Hammershøi Plates, so now you can enjoy breakfast with your loved one in perfect Hammershøi style. This giveaway is for instagram only so if you want to participate just head over at my Instagram , you can find the giveaway here!

Good luck to everyone participating, it is a beautiful set of tableware that I hope will elevate your breakfast table setting as much as mine 🙂

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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