Le Labo : Santal 33

November 5, 2015

// In collaboration with LeLabo  I was gifted the Santal33 Fragrance.All opinions are my own.

Photos and Styling by : Katerina Dima

I recently discovered Le Labo fragrances and to put it simply, I am utterly enchanted. My scent of choice is Santal 33 and if there is anything I can say to describe it is that it smells how I feel I should always have been smelling, and there is no exaggeration in saying that I feel naked without it. 

Selected botanical and herb ingredients are used in order to hand manufacture each fragrance and Le Labo goes even further in customizing your order as to make it a truly unique experience. Your name is printed directly in the package and the bottle  (along with hand written notes, I leave it for you to discover should you get one), and I honestly feel like this fragrance was designed for me every time I pick it up to use it, from the scent to the design and the care of packaging. Simple and understated, the design of the bottles pay a nod to minimalism, and underline the whole attitude of the brand. Authentic hand crafted perfumes, honest in their delivery and completely captivating as a result. It should come as no surprise that Le Labo stands strongly against animal cruelty and against anything that compromises freedom and creation. While I think Santal 33 will be my favorite perfume ( we are a perfect match ) I am looking forward to trying more from Le Labo, I get the feeling I will be pleasantly surprised. For now my next purchase will include some of their body range for Santal 33 and some candles because I love my home as much as I love me 🙂

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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