Vacation Mood

July 26, 2017

I cannot remember a time where I didn’t blog for so many days, it was certainly not intentional.  After my move to Oslo first of July, the month just went too fast. I made a few early posts from the apartment ( you can find them all in the Oslo Apartment new category ) but I am still waiting for a lot of things to be delivered so the space is still quite empty, but you can already see how it is turning out! A few days ago however I returned to Sogndal at the cabin to spend summer vacations and the weather has been so beautiful that we have spend all our time just enjoying the warm days. I kept up with working behind the scenes however, all the work that goes into the blog that no one gets to see and certainly what is the least fun. Accounting, cleaning up emails, scheduling posts, upcoming plans, ordering props, timing upcoming press events ( already from August my calendar is almost full ) , flights, hotels, etc. There is so much to juggle, it really takes most of my day everyday. 

Today I am finally sharing a sneak peek of the bedroom up on the loft, I spend a few hours moving some things around and the result is a room that feels quite better than before. The basics are there,  a slanted roof , window with great view towards the fjord and minimal wooden floors. I removed most of the furniture that was in the room, but left the double bed , an old chair (not pictured here) and old wooden shelves filled with books that currently sit on the floor. Since this is a vacation house there are no plans in place for a big renovation, however I am looking forward to painting over some of the wallpapers with a neutral color, it is the fastest way to upgrade any space without spending too much time. I have also brought some of my old but favorite design items from the house, a small selection for now that will grow as time goes by. It is a sort of recycling that works great, things I have grown slightly tired can come and live here, while old favorites can move back home again. As for now, the small nook I created on the loft is perfect for the summer, the loft tends to get a little hot and moving the bed under the window was the best way to catch that soft cool breeze.

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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