3 Days of Design : New Works

May 28, 2019

Usually for 3 Days of Design reportage I combine everything I have seen into two big posts and hope all my readers won’t be tired halfway through. This time I decided to make smaller posts, focus on one or two brands at the time, hopefully you will enjoy the content more while have time to take in the photos.

I am starting with New Works , and their new showroom located in the iconic neighbourhood of Frederiksstaden first floor. Lotta Agaton styled and curated the now permanent exhibition of New Works designs. With a focus this year on a deeper palette of materials and finishes, the collection shows how much the vision of New Works has matured, and at the same time becoming a strong contender in the design week.

Personally I was enchanted by the dark colors and hues and the soft fabrics. Some of the partners for the renovation of the showroom were chosen for their impeccable design and quality,  curtains by Astrid Textiles (absolutely for my next apartment), beautiful sculptures by Sofie Tufvasson and Sara Martinsen, while soft music was playing from Bang Olufsen speakers.

Unfortunately , I had little time for photos and exactly at the point we arrived there was some sort of presentation, so I didn’t have the room to shoot as I would have liked to. I am sure however this project will be around for a while so possibly you will get to see more regardless. For now, this is my point of view, little bit darker photos than usual but I favor this feeling lately, hope you enjoy!

Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Spatial Sensibilities For Frama

February 14, 2019

There were many great venues this year to visit in Stockholm during the fair, in fact so many that while I had RSVP to only as many I thought I would be able to attend, time between them , transportation and weather made it impossible to follow my schedule to the letter. I missed for example the opening night for Spatial Sensibilities, an exhibition curated by Frama showcasing their selection of products and first previews from the Permanent Collection in the newly renovated apartment of Architect Andreas Martin-Löf. I made it there the next day however and I had just enough time to chat a little bit with my friends from Frama and shoot some of the space available (the whole apartment was not ready yet). From what I have seen I can tell you that there is a lot to look forward from Frama this year but also, this is going to be an apartment that will be featured a lot in magazines and blogazines. When I was shooting the sun was shining so bright, it created beautiful but also very dramatic shadows all around the apartment. I edited the photos for todays post a little bit differently than usual in order to bring out the feeling of the moment, I hope I did it justice and you like them.

Check Frama for their news, and look out for one of my favorites (unfortunately the photos did not do them justice so I am not posting any) of the new Japanese cutlery!

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

LADY Minerals Revive

January 9, 2019

The new LADY Minerals Revive is a wall renewer that transforms uneven surfaces into beautiful, concrete-like walls. Surfaces like fiberglass and other uneven surfaces can now get the mineral concrete-like look and a unique color expression.

Product and application have been carefully tested, both among professional painters and privately.  The color experts in Jotun have put together four beautiful palettes with beautiful and popular Lady colors, especially selected for Lady Minerals Revive. All colors have natural references that come to life with Lady Minerals Revive.

The colors play well with the rustic surface the walls get with LADY Minerals Revive, says Nina Klæboe Mørkve, Scandinavian color manager in Jotun. The colors we have chosen provide a beautiful backdrop that allows the interior to come into its own. With this new look, rooms that were previously little in use can quickly become the house’s new favorite room, she says.

The colors are presented in a separate color chart with inspiring pictures and great tips from Jotun’s color experts. 

Our recommendation is to choose color with regard to what you are going to use the room for, or the mood you want to create, says Mørkve. The four pallets have colors that together, or separately, make their mark on the atmosphere, she says.

I personally love all the 16 colors chosen for this new product, all are colors I would choose regardless when painting with Lady Minerals. Scroll below for photos and inspiration and get a brush ready!

// Photos by Jotun A/S / LADY , Styling by Kråkvik & D’Orazio ,Photography by Margaret de Lange , Colorcard by OnlyDecoLove



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The post :  LADY Minerals Revive , appeared first on Only Deco Love

Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Malene Birger exclusively for THE POSTER CLUB

December 3, 2018

The Poster Club has been my go to for art prints since Mikkel the owner emailed me about the brand new webstore a few years ago. The reason? Uncompromising and always innovative with new and exclusive collaborations (unlike every other poster webstore out there making millions selling absolute garbage that has nothing to do with art in any form imaginable), The Poster Club has always been careful with its selection and always respectful on their curation. This time, I am happy to share their new collaboration with none other than Malene Birger, renowned Danish fashion designer, whose  art is expressed in strong, abstract and graphic forms, mostly developed in monochrome colours. Her graphic ink drawings have been her signature for years, but she also sketches, paint and create collages. All disciplines present simple proportions and combinations of materials, which are contemporary and distinctive. The result is 6 paintings turned to art prints, that are as unique as Malene in her expression, and even if you are not a fan of prints I think these will catch your eye. Shop the whole collection here, and if you have trouble choosing a favorite, numbers 1 and 2 are my own favs!

 Styling by Pernille Vest  | Photography by Emil Monty Freddie 


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The post : Malene Birger exclusively for THE POSTER CLUB  , appeared first on Only Deco Love

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