Oslo Design Fair : Moment

August 31, 2018

This years Trend Exhibition in Oslo Design Fair was one of my favorites, and not just for ODF but possibly from all the fairs I have attended last few years. Curator Kirsten Visdal created an incredibly inspiring exhibition that draw the future of interior trends. With transparent fabrics, foliage and rice paper in frames, this autumn’s stage is inspired by Japanese traditions. The walls form simple moveable zones, and symbolize a society that undergoes major changes, according to Kirsten. 

“We have long talked about the modern nomad. Traditions and customs related to working, living are constantly changing, says Kirsten.”

The lecture series was build around the topic of the fair, Moment. In English, moment means a brief point in time – in Norwegian, a time of importance. The topic reflects how the rapid technological developments are forcing us to evaluate how we want to live our lives. How do we balance the desire for individuality with the need for community? How do the speedy changes in society affect interior and design, and what does the consumer want? These very aspects were what Kirsten investigated and then presented in the form of this years installation. Beige tones (cleverly used from Jotun Lady new color chart) and a variety of various non traditionally used materials such as flax, leather, cork, wood and wool ,were used to convey warmth and well-being and metals in steel and aluminum to give a sense of modernity. We see now that designers are also embracing less processed materials, such as solid wood in both furniture and decoration. The color palette forward balances cool shades in sliding transitions, inspired by natural shades like sand, cream and oats. The red tones, which have characterized the interior trend for a long time, turn over to yellow, and the two meet in exciting combinations. Bright, golden color shades stand for silence, calm and meditation, a reaction to the community’s visual noise.

This years installation represents calmness in every aspect of living, with Japanese influences, we are invited to also explore what a moment represents to us. New avant-garde directions seek great dimensions and organic shapes that can help us in this journey forward.

I have tried to capture a little bit of the spirit of the exhibition, but the harsh lighting needed to illuminate an otherwise completely dark space, did not write well on camera. It is a shame that this specific exhibition did not see the light of day, because I can write a lot about how to cancel the visual noise of the world around us, but often, an image is worth a thousand words and in this case, the exhibition was worth a thousand images.

Photography by Katerina Dima


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A quiet Reflection

February 8, 2018

Yesterday I visited “A quiet Reflection” , the most sought after exhibition in Stockholm during the Stockholm design fair. Located in Östermalm , what used to be the old Mexican Embassy, now privately owned and halfway through renovation, the century old apartment is turned into an impromptu art exhibition by Annaleena Leino, in collaboration with Japanese producer Ariake, Wästberg and a hand picked selection of designers and artisans, for Residence. Carefully curated objects by both companies can be seen around the apartment, among my favorites the w171 alma lamp designed by Tham & Videgård and the w163 Lampyre designed by Inga Sempé, both by 

Wästberg. Another favorite of mine the Paperwood tables by Anderssen & Voll for 

Ariake in various sizes. All through the exhibition there are pieces of beautiful art on display, noted artists and artisans. 

This is the first time Ariaki is launched outside Japan, and the new collection, manufactured in the Japanese city of Morodomi, introduces furniture and details, including Staffan Holm, Norm Architects, Shin Azumi, Gabriel Tan, Anderssen & Voll, Zoe Mowat and Studio MK27.

At the exhibition you can also see works by Studio Matti Carlson, Dry Studio, Nick Ross, Anton Alvarez, Jenny Nordberg, Emma Bernhardt, Frama, Ann Ringstrand, Perspektive Studio, Arno Declercq, Erik Nordenhake, Berg Gallery and Christian Larsen Gallery.

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Oslo Design Fair Autumn 2018 – Trends and Identity

January 26, 2018

Oslo Design fair opened its doors again, and this time around in my opinion the trend exhibitions and the talks at the center stage were one of the best till date. Unfortunately I was sick and couldn’t attend the opening day ( with guests such as Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects and Stockholm based stylist and designer Annaleena Leino) but I did make it yesterday just in time to hear Rosa Park being interviewed in the main stage. The co founder and editor in chief of Cereal Magazine and Cereal guides ( her husband being the other half) , was not only very inspiring talking about identity in social media but also very humble about Cereal and its enormous success. Cereal is one of my favorite publications and I know there is so much the future is holding for this talented duo, I can’t wait to see it realized.

Speaking of talented individuals, one of the things I was really excited to see at the fair was the Identity stand by Annaleena Leino ( photo on the top of the post and above). Annaleena is known for her minimalistic style, and here, inspired by the fairs theme she illustrated how she works with identity and personality in interior. There are so many details I loved, however one of my favorite pieces where the sculptures by artist Kristiina.  

The trends exhibition styled by Kirsten Visdal was also my favorite till date. The theme was Identity through the four trends of Androgynous, premonitions, floral and chlorophyll. With stylist Per Olav Sølvberg as creative partner, the tendenses were presented in four different experience zones. Soft harmonious palettes are accompanied by clear contrasts and exiting patterns, while safe natural materials meet high-tech with new, playful results. The exhibition reflects also on how the green wave is influencing interior styles in the form of living plants, botanical expressions and sustainable qualities.

I particularly enjoyed the dark theme of the resulted spaces, the bathroom had shutters that allowed the light to softly land on the walls while the bedroom had dark corners that allowed for mysterious light to sneak in. Soft textiles, flowers, botanicals, metal and paint were juxtaposed in a way that created intriguing shapes and very inspiring forms.  

You can see all the official photos at Oslo Design Fair, here today I am sharing my own interpratation and what caught mine and my cameras attention.

//Photography and editing by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.  

3 Days of Design : Part 2

June 12, 2017

As promised today I am sharing Part 2 from my time at 3 Days of Design with some of the things that caught my eye (check for part 1 here). Read below for some of my impressions from Menu, &Tradition, Muuto, Republic of Fritz Hansen, Erik Jørgensen, Montana and finally a small tribute to designer Mia Lagerman. 

Let me start with one of the nights I enjoyed the most when I had dinner at Menu Space, Menu‘s brand new design studio, office space and cafe, in the harbor district of Nordhavn a day before their official opening. An incredible night that started with a solo violinist greeting us outside, amazing dinner with the owners of Menu, danish designers, architects,stylists and photographers, and few of the most influential people in the design world today. In front of me sat Kinfolk editor in chief Nathan Williams while on my right co-founder of Norm Architects and Menu’s Design Manager Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen who greeted us with an introduction about the space, the design process and some words on the evolution of its architecture throughout the years to come. The evening finished with an improv performance from 3 ballet dancers from the Royal Danish Ballet ( Hannah in the House also took some beautiful photos you can check out here including some of the performance). If you have time, do go by the new Menu space, it is definitely one of my first stops next time in Copenhagen! 

The second day after a very busy morning we headed out to the &tradition showroom . The Village, promptly named is created as a contemporary small scale version of a monochrome and harmonious village structure inside a big warehouse on the Paper Island in Copenhagen. Twelve monolithic enclaves have been constructed to showcase different furniture scenarios from different designers – all varying in height to allow for different light. While each one is an entity all on its own, assembled under one roof, the space is an abstract archetype of a village. 

The evening started early with design talks from co-founder of Norm Architects Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Space Copenhagen . Later the party started that lasted until almost early hours of the morning, probably the best place to be the second night of 3 Days of Design 🙂

Earlier the same day it was time to visit Muuto and my friends that work there. Muuto is a Scandinavian design company that joins forces with the leading contemporary designers to create original products with new perspectives. The result is an innovative, aesthetic and functional collection of New Nordic furniture, lighting and accessories for modern interiors all over the world. The Muuto showroom is located in the heart of Copenhagen, in a bright and inviting space, which also features a beautiful rooftop terrace – here you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind view of the Copenhagen skyline. We were again lucky to be there around lunch time so we were treated to an amazing lunch on the rooftop terrace, my big thanks to Katrine for being such a great host and for the impromptu invite! Next time I am coming over I know about when is the best time to visit 🙂

Another showroom I was looking forward to visit was that of Republic of Fritz Hansen. An international, exclusive design brand, founded in Denmark in 1872 with a mission to create a timeless design, Fritz Hansens collection consists of internationally recognized furniture classics and contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories. Fritz Hansen has a long tradition of collaborating with leading international designers and architects, including many large Danish personalities such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner ,Poul Kjærholm and one of my favorites Jaime Hayon. On the photo above and below you can see one of his recent designs that is on my wishlist, the Lune Sofa in dusty pink. 

One of the reasons I arrived a day earlier for the fair was because I was lucky to be invited at the party that signaled the grand opening of the combined showroom in Bredgade 76 for Erik Jørgensen, Montana, the showroom was open to the public the next day. The first floor where Erik Jørgensen is mostly situated was designed in way that all rooms had a theme that highlighted the designs. Each room has its own expression and color scheme: The Botanical Garden, the Office, Tranquility, and the Blue Room. It has been a close collaboration with Niels Jørgensen – everything from selecting furniture to textiles and the color of the rooms. My favorites , the Botanical garden as seen above, a trip into the perfect green scenery, where the furniture, walls and flooring are tone in tone, with only a few yellow and brown tones breaking the green space. Tranquility room as seen below , all clad in white, creates a sense of surplus, purity and tranquility, as a perfect contrast to the heavy furniture classics.

Montana was founded in 1982 by Peter J. Lassen and based on his philosophy of people having a need for freedom and a desire to create their own personal spaces. The showroom can be found on the second floor of Bredgade 76, also divided in several themed rooms. This time around one can find different solutions for every room of the house represented in the different spaces within the Montana showroom, from the bedroom to the bathroom themed room. 

Last but not least, a few words for Mia Lagerman whose workspace and showroom can be found if you walk past Overgaard & Dyrman office and showroom on the top floor of Frederiksgade 1. Mia works with furniture design, her interest for industrial production, form and function, and her passion for exploring material is reflected in her designs. 

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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