6 on my Winter Wishlist

October 15, 2017

// Collage by Katerina Dima

Some winter essentials that are not interior related but I promise I will make a separate wishlist soon enough as well. For today it is all about how to stay comfy during cold nights and some things I have had my eye on for a few weeks now!

:: Comfy Sweaters | There is nothing more comforting during a cold night than a Cashmere sweater, this one from Fillipa K in the most beautiful vanilla color is a must.

:: For the hands Byredo launched a rinse free hand wash in the Suede line that I need in my life.

:: For my travels | I need a new suitcase and a luggage tag, this Burberry one is just perfect.

:: Stay Cozy | Another favorite from Fillipa K, a chunky hat in a combination of alpaca and wool blend.

:: Wrap around | Combine a chunky hat with a ribbed soft cashmere scarf from COS.

:: For the whole winter | Mohair cardigan sweater from Acne. For inside the house when its a little bit chilly. For when I read on the couch and need something to keep warm but also to cuddle with. For the cold mornings when I let Milo down the back yard. For the movie nights when the cinema is too cold. For the airplane that is always cold. For when I travel from Oslo to Sogndal on the 6 hour drive that takes me through the always snowy mountain pass. This list can go on and on.

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Summer Wishlist

June 25, 2017

I haven’t done a wishlist for a while, it is mostly because I have been too busy to even find time to shop, I lately just pop in the store and buy quickly what I need. Summer is here however and there are somethings I want to buy and I thought I should share some of what has been on the top of my wishlist for the last few weeks!

:: For the beach | COS bathing suit that can be worn at the beach but also during the day.
:: For the home I am moving next week and the apartment is quite empty so far, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t smell nice. Aesop is launching a new line with home fragrances in the beginning of July, lucky me Aesop store in Oslo is right next to my door!

:: For me | Speaking of fragrances , Frama released a new perfume St.Pauls. I have smelled it during 3 days of design right before its launch and I cant wait to get one for myself soon.

:: Accessorize | And speaking of moving, a new leather key companion for my new keys from Stolbjerg Copenhagen I think will be very appropriate.

:: For the sunglasses | Don’t change your Raybans for the summer, just change their case

:: For your hair | Summer can be hard on the hair and being Greek and living in perpetual summer has taught me is care for your hair. Kiehls Damage repairing and Dehydrating series is the perfect summer hair companion to your hair.

:: Walk in these | Summer is not only for sandals and open shoes and I need a new pair of adidas, this time in grey.

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Affordable bedroom essentials from Ellos Home

May 24, 2017

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos

 A few days ago I lamented on how it has been very difficult to find an apartment in Oslo that would tick at least some of my most important boxes (a more in depth discussion about it can be found here) . Luck had it however that a friend decided to rent out her apartment instead of selling it, and with an incredible sigh of relief I can finally stop my search! The apartment is very beautiful, high ceilings, big windows,beautiful floors,marble bathroom and packed with character, right in the middle of Grünerløkka. I cannot wait until first of July to take it over, but until then, I can finally start planning!

Moving can be more expensive than originally thought and can quickly get out of hand if not careful. There are so many essentials that need to be bought or things to be done that we don’t really consider as extras , at the end it can completely throw us off budget. Searching for affordable solutions without sacrificing quality can be daunting, so I hope today’s tip will help out, whether you are moving to a new place like I am or not! One of the first rooms I will tackle before even moving in is the bedroom. Really I can sit on a sheepskin on the floor when it comes to the living room and I don’t need a table or chairs asap, but a bed and linens is something that has to be in before me. 

Ellos Home own line, when it comes to house essentials, is remarkably versatile and especially when it comes to the bedroom products I give them top points on their quality. Their selection of linens is quite big with something for everyone, while there are bed skirts to dress the bed if it doesn’t look great and elevate its look as well as quilts, throws, pillows and pillowcases and duvets, practically everything that one might need when it comes to bedding. Below you can find some of my favorites, expect to see them in my new bedroom come July!

Remember if you log in your account in Ellos, under the tab Offers/ Tilbud there can always be found great codes tailored for your account, for example one of mines is 40% off my most expensive item with a bedlinen gift or 10% off the whole cart! –

1 |  Duvet – Selene Medium  2 | Washed Satin Bed Linens – Leah  3 | Linen Bedsheet – Candice  4 | Linen Bed Linens – Candice–   5 | Linen Pillowcases – Candra  || All Items from Ellos Home own Line.

//Photos via Ellos.no | Collage by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Ellos Favorites : Only Deco Love Approved

February 23, 2017

Ad // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos. All opinions are my own.

When I was sent the press photos from Ellos SS17 collection a few photos jumped out immediately for me. From the flowy new linen fabrics ( prime example curtains and tablecloths that can transform a space), to the new cotton carpets , I found some select items that I could use that would fit any designers space. Scroll down for some of my favorites and also for a code to use for 20% off your entire order ⇓

//Photographs sourced from Ellos / Collage by Only Deco Love

As seen above : 

1. New cotton Carpet | Bomullsteppe Raleigh 140×200 cm 2. Corals | Korall Serlina | Dekor Korall 3. Hourglass | Timeglass Monza 4. Favorite linen throw | Pledd Hannelin i vasket hellin 130×170 cm

Offer code for 20% of the entire order : 350301  Valid until the 28th of February 2017

*Terms and Conditions: Gjelder på nybestilling på hjemmetekstil, dekor, innendørsbelysning, tapeter, tepper og møbler på Ellos. Maks en gang/kunde t.o.m. 28.02.17. Kan ikke kombineres med andre tilbud og prisreduserte varer. Tilbudet gjelder ikke Odd Molly Home. Rabatten trekkes automatisk fra i kassen. Det tas forbehold om eventuelle skrivefeil.

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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