Velvet Campaign at Ellos

August 27, 2018

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A long time ago I picked my favorite velvet accessories, and while they all looked great, the price tag was a little steep. Since then I have been trying to find the same assortment or similar on a budget and it occured to me that Ellos might have what I need. Ellos Velvet collection does not disappoint, in fact there is great variety and  you dont need to break your bank for a couple of pillows. From velvet curtains and carpets, to chairs and bedspreads, there is something for everyone. Today I curated some of my favorites in my favorite colors, as seen above, you can find them all below! Everything is 20% off as well, it is a good chance to stock up!

:: 1.  For the Living Room || A velvet pouf will fit almost everywhere especially in a neutral color. A friend of mine made me a velvet pouf in pink and I love it ( you can see mine here) , if I was to buy one however I would go with this simple shape from Ellos.

:: 2. For Every Room || Assortment of pillows in various shapes and colors. Round ones ( the special adorned round can be found here), long rectangular ones , and  square ones. I am taking advantage of the offer and buying some for myself too.

:: 3. For The Bedroom || I love this velvet headboard ( in both grey and beige color) it is a great way to change the bedroom without really committing too much ( the headboard can easily be placed then as easily removed). Whether you are getting a headboard in velvet or not though, check out these velvet bedspreads that will also add a velvet touch in the bedroom with even less commitment than a headboard! A contemporary design in beige, and a more traditional design in pink are my top choices.


// Curated by Katerina Dima



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Scandinavian Scents for this Summer

June 14, 2018

This beautiful summer that has been bestowed to us is a blessing, all Scandinavians will remember it as the Summer of 2018. But with temperatures this high the need to smell good is bigger that ever and with a huge selection of Scandinavian perfumes to choose from, it feels like match made in heaven. Below I am presenting you some of my favorites, do read on, the choice is yours!

1 :: Byredo was launched in Sweden in 2006 by Ben Gorham at the age of 31 years old, after an inspiring encounter with perfumer Pierre Wulff. The native Swede didn’t have a formal training in the field, but he sought out the services of world renowned perfumers to whom he carefully explained his olfactory desires. Bibliotheque is back in stock and just in time, I had just finished my previous bottle!

2 :: The designer Ann Ringstrand, born in Sweden, has created fashion since early 1990. She teamed up with perfumers in Paris to design her own niche perfume line made in France. The concept developed a fragrance series with ceramic ware for scent diffusing among others that is available now. All 3 perfumes are exquisite, you just have to try them!

3 :: AGONIST is a Swedish Perfume House launched 2008. Today AGONIST is regarded as one of the most sought after and unique brands within the international niche market of perfumes. The unique and dramatic artistic expressions from AGONIST is derived from the beauty of Scandinavian nature and culture. AGONIST is founded by the creative couple Christine and Niclas Lydeen.Solaris is inspired by the vibrant midnight sun that never sets during summers in the North. Fresh, citrusy and warm, this fragrance is as magical as refreshing.

4 :: Son Venin is a new Norwegian perfume brand with headquarters in Oslo. With a respectful and discreet approach, Son Venin creates experimental, intimate perfumes that fuse a continental feeling with their Scandinavian background. Le Voleur is an elegant and seductive scent, that mingles together the freshness of a white bouquet and modern iris with sensual incense and gaïac wood. 

5 :: A native Icelander, Andrea Maack graduated from the Icelandic Art Academy with a degree for Fine Arts. What began as a series of scent-focused exhibitions by Icelandic visual artist Andrea Maack quickly became a line of unisex, appealing perfumes that walk the line between commercial and Avant-garde. Created for an art exhibition, the theme for Smart comes from an empty white gallery space. At first it emits substance and intimacy but as you spend more time and delve deeper the visceral moods unravel, revealing the sensual and the seductive. Smart opens with a luxurious line-up of heady jasmine, luscious vanilla, exotic sandalwood and creamy musk blended carefully with a subtle buckskin leather note that holds the white notes in balance.

|| Curated by Katerina Dima

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Ellos January sales

January 15, 2018

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Ellos.

// Collage by Katerina Dima

I have been waiting for some good January sales and Ellos did not disappoint. Some of the items I chose today have been on my wishing list for a while now, while I found some select new ones as well. I will keep this brief with essentials for the bedroom today,since I’m almost finished painting and redoing my Oslo bedroom, these are some things that I think will create a great look for me as well.

:: Big Velvet Pillow | This big pillow is perfect not just for the bedroom, but the living room as well. The Celina pillowcase is also part of the Conscious choice Ellos collection, and is now 30% off

:: Linen Bed Skirt | On the top of my list is a new bed skirt of my bed , they cover really nicely legs or a bed frame that does not look good, by design or age. The Himla Linen bed skirt is my favorite from any brand out there, and it is also now 30% off

:: Cozy rug | For the bedroom ( I need a rug for my feet when I wake up since the floor is cold) and the bathroom, the Tilde small rug from the Ellos home line is perfect and 30% off as well. The color is so me right now!

:: Leather belt | You might be wondering about the belt, but I have been looking for sturdy but not too expensive leather belts so I can use them to bind magazines. This one from Esprit is perfect, it can be found here and it is also 30% off.

:: Bed Linens | One thing I can never have enough of is bed linens ( and mugs). I have wanted a pair of Dirty Linen for a while now so when I stumbled along the Animeaux ones at Ellos at 30% off I knew I had to share!

And of course, if you exceed 499 NOK , shipping is free! Happy shopping!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.  

5 of my favorite Ceramics

January 3, 2018

// Collage by Katerina Dima

I love stoneware and ceramic tableware, especially when they are handmade. I find that when I have Pho in my handmade ceramic soup bowl it even tastes better, and while probably that is not the case, there is a lot to be said about eating with your eyes. Not to mention they look absolutely beautiful for photography as well. Today I am sharing a mix of handmade and ready to buy stoneware/ceramix favorites, some I already own and I am planning on adding to my collection, some I have had on my wishlist for a while.

:: Hasami | One of everything please, especially in this color. I do not have a proper tea set at home, this is my top choice as of now. 

:: Anette Krogstad | Local Oslo ceramist Anette Krogstad is right now my go to for handmade ceramics. You can see one of her bowls here in my house, it is certainly a collection I am planning to add to soon.

:: Frama AJ Otto | These stoneware from Frama are one of the most beautiful handmade tableware. I have a few and I am constantly adding.

:: KH Wurtz | Danish Ceramists, from father to son, you can find their creations handmade but also as ready to buy.

:: Kinto | From Kinto, the renowned japanese maker, I am obsessed with their Ceramic Lab line. I use it a lot in my house mostly for coffee ( seen here for example ). I wish they were more available in Oslo, I usually get more every time I am in Stockholm from snickarbacken cafe! 

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated. 

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