Today’s office from Skt. Petri

November 22, 2017

As I mentioned on my post Weekend Bliss a couple of days ago, I am spending a few days in Copenhagen then I am off to Stockholm for a dinner hosted by Bang Olufsen. I always love visiting Copenhagen but it is extra nice this time of year due to Christmas decorations. I am staying at Skt. Petri hotel , cleverly situated in the middle of the city right next to the Nørreport stop of the Metro, easily accessible and with amazing views of Copenhagen from its rooms. Mine specifically has panoramic view and a balcony, a stunning sight that I can see right from my bed. It is no wonder I decided to instead use this spot as my office for today, even though the rest of the room is quite beautiful as well, filled with great details such as the Snoopy Modern Table Lamp by Flos, or blue Planter velvet arm chairs by Knoll. There are marble details on the windowsills that are big enough to sit and enjoy a coffee and the great view ( see last photo).

If you are staying at the hotel, I heartily recommend eating at the newly opened P-Eatery , the hotels restaurant. Yesterday night I enjoyed an amazing 3 course dinner hosted by Allan from Bungalow5 in the P-Eatery, a special menu created by Allan together with executive chef Patryk Stafin. The menu will be available until the end of January, take a peak here!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Ferm Living : The Home

October 5, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I visited Copenhagen, invited by Ferm Living for a very special dinner and the opening of The Home, their new Showroom in Amagertorv Square. If you follow me on instagram ( and you should for candid everyday moments ), I snapped the whole dinner and gave a quick sneak peek of the private showroom, and today I am finally sharing the photos I took. Everything in the showroom you can find in the Ferm Living webshop apart from small details such as perfumes or crystals. The Home is not open for public viewing but I will be more than happy to take you on a tour below.  Follow me!

I am starting the tour from the living room, where the light is ample and the windows look directly at the Amagertorv Square. The Turn Sofa and the Kelim rug are few of my favorites from the collection ,  while the poofs are new for AW17 and can be found here along with the rest of the news.

Walking past the living room through the double doors we enter the office. Here the table and chairs or the Haze Vitrine need no introduction, however I loved the new Pin board , while the Haze collection that the Vitrine belongs to is getting new additions, trays , cabinets, shelves, check the whole collection here

Through another set of double doors and we can find ourselves into the bathroom/bedroom, one of my favorite rooms in The Home of Ferm Living. The small boudoir area must be the most photographed area in the showroom, and it is quite easy to replicate right from the AW17 news. Lucky us! The Plant box in new color rose serves as a storage box , while the addition of the Brass tray that is made for it allows for leaving on top some of bathroom essentials. I love the Sekki Salt jars that here are used to hold small objects, also in the box you can find a variety of Salon Purses lined with velvet, perfect for storing cosmetics. The Balance candleholder in brass is actually from this years Christmas collection, while you can find all the Stone Hooks here in various sizes and colors. The Poise hand mirror that is hanging from one of the hooks can be found here!

 The kids room is situated right after the bedroom ( so sweet to be in there ) and we keep on walking we find ourselves on a small blue corridor that is in fact the entrance of the showroom. 

To the left of the corridor we find the dining room that connects to the living room through another set of double doors. I loved the deep maroon color on the walls ( all the decorations can be found in the Ferm Living collection ), while if you turn around you find another color in a nook that accentuates the 19th century details. On the wall the Hanging Tealight Deco in Oval shape (also comes in a brass version)  , again from the Christmas collection ( expect to see it in my apartment when I am ready to go festive). 

Turn right in the same corridor and you find yourself in the kitchen, bright white in one side and a beautiful green on the other. Here new collections are fusing with old , from the beloved Neu Tableware and the Ripple line of glasses, to the all new Sekki Collection of bowls, jars, cups and pots (see top of the shelf photo above). The Sekki collection will be available from the 5th of November and I personally can’t wait, the unglazed solid dyed stoneware is almost calling my name.

Last but not least, right through the kitchen, inside a little nook, the most adorable bathroom ever. Here you can see more of the Sekki collection, the Poise mirror and new accessories from Ferm Living. Funny anecdote, I came directly to the bathroom as I entered the showroom, I was a little late in my appointment due to my plane landing slightly late so I just took my clothes and cosmetics and excused myself until I was looking a little bit more presentable, so I got the chance to do my make up in the bathroom, believe me, it is as cozy as it looks!

This concludes the tour of The Home of Ferm Living in  Amagertorv Square, I hope you enjoyed it! I made notes of some of my favorite items, but if you see something I have not mentioned , just check the Ferm Living webstore, you will find everything there 😉

// Photography  by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Menu Space AW17

August 27, 2017

The last few days have gone by much too quickly and if you follow my instagram stories and generally my instagram you know why. Since I wasnt able to post while spending a week in Copenhagen , I will take everything backwards and start from the last day! On friday after all my meetings and press events were finished I decided to visit again the Menu Space at Nordhavn, Menus new showroom and open cafe in the area. The last time I stopped by was for the openings night dinner during 3 days of design and I didn’t have time to take any photos, I more than made up this time around however. I was delighted to see some of the news coming out now and in the following months , if you are interested in sneak peeks there are plenty below!

The Offset sofa by Norm Architects as seen in the photo above is one of my favorites. The name comes from the design process when the architects experimented with its shape by offsetting proportions, playing with narrow armrests versus a thick generous seat while trying to research balance . The result is a welcoming sofa, contemporary yet very inviting.

New Norm Dinnerware will also be launching this Autumn in a new color, stormy grey. The dinnerware is finished in a special glaze that gives the porcelain its elegant watercolour-like texture. 


The Zet storing system as seen above is a new shelving system with a light , airy and minimalistic appearance. It consists of only two parts, the wooden u-shapped shelves and the metal frame. By combining these two one can create endless formations while it can always be disassembled and reassembled in a different shape. On top of Zet lies the new Stone Lamp. Norm architects intended for it to be used exactly as a candle so it is designed to create a soft cozy light. 

 Another one of my favorites that will launch later this year is the Monuments Magazine holder. There are many magazine holders in the market, and certainly we can also build stacks of them right on top of our floors, however the Monuments plinth like design with two identical marble blocks imbues the holder with a monumental architectural feel, hence its name! This one got immediately on top of my wishlist.

Although the corner for the Eave modular sofa was still under construction, I managed to take a sneak peek photo for you. The sofa takes its name by the “eaves” the lower edges of the roof that overhang a wall. I expect to see the Eave in many combinations in many homes and offices alike, its versatility and its shape, a perfect blend of style and comfort, make it a great choice for any space. Sneak peek on the plinth, the TR bulb, the first collaboration between Menu and Tim Rundle. The dimmable lamp can be placed on the table or the wall, while its opal glass diffuses the light and prevents glare. 

 The last sneak peek for today comes in relation with the TR lamp in a form of a combination of the Tribeca series by Søren Rose Studios and the TR as seen on the top right of the photo above. This photo even though it only shows part of the lamp is one of my favorite photos, I feel it captures the essence of scandinavian minimalism perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed the small tour in the Menu Space, some of the things I saw made it on the top of my wishlist so I am hoping I will be able to budget some of them for my own space at home soon!

// Photography by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Hotel Danmark

June 18, 2017

A few days ago I posted my highlights from 3 Days of Design ( Part 1 and Part 2 ) , but what I haven’t yet shared other than sneak peeks was the place I called home for these couple of design days in Copenhagen. I usually stay at SP34 while in town but this time around Brøchner Hotels happened to open the doors to its new luxury boutique Hotel Danmark that coincided with our stay.  I really wanted to experience the brand new hotel even though it wasn’t yet officially opened so I booked a stay, but I didn’t get to shoot all the spaces for this post that I wanted to (the rooftop terrace and breakfast area were not finished yet for example), which means next time I am in town I could be stopping again for those extra photos. For today however I am glad to share the room that I stayed in and some speak peeks from around the hotel, so scroll down for never before seen photos of the rooms from my perspective 😉

One of the first thing I noticed when I entered my room were the big windows that offer an amazing view of Copenhagen (Tivoli is a few meters away as well) right in front of me. All rooms regardless of size offer the same views, for me light and big windows is a winning point for any hotel room, but also something I value in my own apartment as well ( my new place in Oslo has similar windows and I can’t wait to move in first of July!).  The windowsills are also big enough that when I needed to work I could set up a working spot on any of them and enjoy the view while emailing or editing photos (one of the sneak peeks while I was there was Todays office in Copenhagen where I showed the spot I was working on that day). However the double superior room also offers a very comfortable couch and side tables, a solution I used a lot to work from. 

My bed was comfortable ( to my opinion and liking) with Aiayu  details standing out for a luxurious feel. From the Hollie bedspread to the Heather pillows ( not just in the bedroom but also in the living room and lobby of the hotel), the brass and marble details and designer furniture,  Hotel Danmark offers a unique experience that is very connected to Danish design today.

Generally the hotel was not quite finished at the time of my visit, so there were some details that I expect will be fixed by the time it is officially up and running. I will not dedicate time into listing them, however one the things I would like to see fixed would be the bathrooms that did not feel completely renovated. The rest of the hotel has gone into extensive full renovation and it would be a shame for the bathrooms not to receive the same attention as well. 

When it comes to the lobby there are two spaces that the now famous and much loved wine hour can be enjoyed , while guests are welcomed to sit outside as well but also on the rooftop terrace too. 

Overall and with the exception of a few hiccups that I am sure will be resolved within a few weeks after official opening,  I enjoyed my stay at Hotel Danmark, the rooms were big and beautiful while the stuff was as always very accommodating. If I have any advice is bring a sleep mask, the curtains that are a beautiful cream color are not shielding against the morning light.

Before I wrap up this post, probably I will get this question a lot so this is the perfect time to answer. Do I prefer the new Hotel Danmark or the old and favorite SP34? Both hotels are unique in their design, both luxurious and in a great location but ultimately I find SP34 design more to my style. The fact that it is closer to Metro station is also a plus but the winning lobby and designer bathrooms as SP34 will always win me over.

//Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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