Bergen Børs Hotel in Bergen

March 4, 2019

I had arranged for a long time to visit Bergen the previous week, and I thought it would be a good idea to create a small Bergen guide with hotels, restaurants and cafes to go. Today , separately from the guide I sharing some photos I took from the hotel I stayed at, the Bergen Børs. Quite new in Bergen as it barely has more than a year under its belt, Bergen Børs is one of the most beautiful hotels to stay at , not just in Bergen.  Located by Torgalmenningen , the hotel is occupying the upper floors of the old stock exchange dating back to 1862,designed by Franz Willhelm Schiertz, right next to Bryggen ( my room had Bryggen views and it was a delight to sit by the window and sip my morning coffee). On the third floor you will also find Bare Restaurant, one of Bergens best modern Nordic restaurants (also with views towards Bryggen) that serves only the best organic produce from the regions farms. Insidentaly, not only Bare has one of the most delicious menus I have ever tasted (in my opinion you must try it at least once when in Bergen) , but it is where breakfast is served as well. Such a unique experience to have your morning meal right at Bare, with the delightfully gigantic windows and the warm atmosphere.

Norway in general is missing boutique hotels of high design standard. There are many hotels that have high accomodation standard but unfortunately not many that fit in the category of design hotels. While there are some details amiss ( probably something only me and a handful of others would notice), Bergen Børs is one of the hotels that deserves more attention and I am hoping that it gets it. De Bergenske that has Bergen Børs under its umbrella also has Villa Terminus and Zander K hotel in the area, two completely different hotels since Villa Terminus is a small boutique hotel and Zander K a very modern hotel, however both fill a gap into the hotel category I mentioned above. So glad to see De Bergenske bringing such quality in Bergen!

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Travel Diaries : Bergen Mini Guide

November 20, 2016

Bergen is always a great destination for short trips, unless you already live there, with some great places to visit, eat and stay. I spend most of my time outside, shopping, walking around the city, watching movies, visiting some places I had on my wishlist for a long time, while any time I could spare (or when the rain was too heavy) I was to be found at a cafe working away on my Macbook. I shared quite a lot of videos on my instagram stories but some highlights (and my favorite restaurants) I am also sharing below, for anyone that wishes to visit Bergen.

I stayed at Scandic Ørnen, a relatively new hotel in Bergen right next to the central bus station. The positioning is great since the bus station has also a quite reasonably priced car parking, so it is easy to leave the car there for the entirety of the trip, while it is a short walk to the hotel and the very center of Bergen. All rooms in Ørnen are comfy and spacious with big windows overlooking Bergen. I especially love the minimal office corners as seen above.

Favorite places to eat while in Bergen :

::For a great lunch or dining experience I highly recommend visiting Lysverket restaurant. The space is designed and furnished by Københavens Møbelsnedkeri, while the menu is superb always prepared with freshly foraged seasonal ingredients. 
::Another of my favorite spots to eat is Zupperia, and as the name suggests you can find some of the most amazing soups to eat on a rainy day. Tom Ka Gai and Eksotisk Drøm are my top choices when I visit, do try them!

::I also always stop by Sumo for sushi or Asiatic warm dishes. Pad Thai Noodles are great for those that do not love raw food as much while any sushi combo will satisfy sushi lovers.

::Last but not least for a quick bite or a normal menu, the best burger in town in my opinion is Royal Gourmet Burger and Gin. Try the Gourmet Burger (Brie, bacon ,mustard and honey, truffle oil) with one of their famous Gin combos.

Walking in Bergen is an experience on its own,however having a purpose is always better for me. For beauty/fashion shopping I always visit Pepper ( Acne, Aesop, Byredo are a few of my favorite brands Pepper carries), for interior shopping it is almost a crime not to visit Illums Bolighus, while around Bergens Blue stone (one of the main squares) you can find many malls and shopping streets with just about everything you might need. Bergen combines the charm of a small town with its cobblestone streets and small passages and wooden houses, with the flexibility of a big city with its shopping centers and the many activities to enjoy. 

And if you are as lucky as me to go by Voss area on your way towards Bergen and back ,you will also experience one of the most idyllic Norwegian tours. During winter you are guaranteed to go by the most beautiful snowy sceneries . Just pop old ballads on your speakers and enjoy the ride.

//Photography by Katerina Dima

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The post : Travel Diaries : Bergen Mini Guide, appeared first on Only Deco Love

Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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