From the Kitchen to the Living Room

April 14, 2019

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A nice cup of tea begins in the kitchen , from boiling water to the ritual of possibly making a matcha , for breakfast or afternoon pep. Today I have chosen to have my kitchen dressed in the Emma line from Stelton, I already have a lot of items from the Emma line so unfortunately I cannot convince myself to just splurge so I can buy a duplicate in the new colors. Check however the beautiful grey, white, black and very light blue colors for the electric kettle for example, or the water pitcher (this one in terracotta you can get a glimpse below as well). All the Emma items can be found here , also the new electric portable coffee grinder, while among them you can also spot some of my other favorites from Stelton, from the Norman Foster collection , Foster waterglass, Prism coffee teaspoon designed by Holbek and Dahlerup for Stelton, To go click steel cup in Nude color . You dont have to play favorites even, I change how my kitchen looks by moving from my place to the cabin almost everything. For now the Emma line fits the kitchen quite well, but depending on my mood I think even more items from the Norman Foster collection wouldn’t hurt either!

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Styling and photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Vora Villas in Santorini

March 12, 2019

Santorini is one of the Greek islands that needs no further introductions , if you haven’t visited it is definitely one of the bucket list you should check off. There are many incredible boutique hotels to stay however, if you want one of the most unique design hotel in Imerovigli then Vora Villas is the one for you. Designed by Athens based K-Studio, Vora Villas offers only three rooms ( soon a fourth one) . The renovation of the original cave-villa retains its characteristic layout, of three rooms that move in succession deeper into the volcanic rock.

“The 2 driving forces behind our concept were the volcanic rock and the traditional local vernacular. We wanted to reveal and control the drama and thrill of the site whilst securing guests with comfort, privacy and a relaxed lifestyle. We worked with the natural volcanic rock to cut routes through the site and to retain its boundaries and with charred wood and blackened gun-metal to highlight the power of nature within the villas” says the architectural team.

The guest rooms of this resort are 3 unique and entirely separated villas that bring together newly built villas with an older traditional dwelling. The first, at the top of the site, is a renovated authentic cave house, typical of the local vernacular. Entering the house from the cave opening the first space is light-filled with spectacular views of what remains of the original crater of Santorini’s volcano. The second space, further into the cave, is cooler and darker offering respite from the heat of the summer outside. The third space, pushed far back into the rock of the mountain is serenely cool and tranquil, a total retreat.

The second and third villas are new buildings formed by the sharp cuts of the path slicing its way down through the site. Sitting adjacent to each other and below the cave, they each split the traditionally linear layout of the first villa, stacking one half above the other. This allows the rare luxury of natural and light and breath-taking views from both the lounge and bedroom spaces and also increases the usable space of each villa. Angled away from each other and towards unique and specific views, the villas are totally separated and enjoy full privacy.

Literally carved out of the mountain the curves of the vaulted ceilings soften the shadows, removing sharp lines and blending it into the darker space towards the back of the plan. In the new villas set below a more contemporary layout maximises light and takes full advantage of the view by splitting the bedrooms and shifting them below the living spaces. Angled away from each other and separated by the main path, guests enjoy their unique viewpoint in total privacy.

Important note from the Editor :

I am mentioning privacy a lot because I cannot stress this enough…unfortunately Santorini on its whole is NOT a private island. Because of its unique terrain all the houses, restaurants, cafes and hotels are built one on top of each other almost, with small stairs leading from the road downwards. This is exactly what gives that spectacular Santorini landscape but at the same time, it devoids almost everything from privacy. You can be sure you will be walking right next to swimming pools of hotels with guests lounging 20cm next to the main path, your neighbors are most definitely not only watching you when you are out but almost every tourist that walks randomly to get to their way as well. When renting a hotel/villa, be very careful when you have your own pool but prices are the same as rooms with no pools in other hotels. This means that the pool is literally on the street almost. When a hotel offers privacy in Santorini, it is a big deal. In an island that never sleeps during summer, where the streets are so full you think there must be a concert happening, being able to relax at your hotel is something priceless. To be able to go out in your veranda with no prying eyes, without wondering who will step right next to you when you enjoy valuable time in the pool watching the sunset, to be able to find a haven inside a very populated tourist gathering, for me it is the difference between going somewhere or choosing another place completely. Vora Villas is not only a stunningly beautiful hotel but also offers this unique privacy, and believe me, it is worth it. 

// Photography via K-Studio | Photography by Ståle Eriksen

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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Bergen Børs Hotel in Bergen

March 4, 2019

I had arranged for a long time to visit Bergen the previous week, and I thought it would be a good idea to create a small Bergen guide with hotels, restaurants and cafes to go. Today , separately from the guide I sharing some photos I took from the hotel I stayed at, the Bergen Børs. Quite new in Bergen as it barely has more than a year under its belt, Bergen Børs is one of the most beautiful hotels to stay at , not just in Bergen.  Located by Torgalmenningen , the hotel is occupying the upper floors of the old stock exchange dating back to 1862,designed by Franz Willhelm Schiertz, right next to Bryggen ( my room had Bryggen views and it was a delight to sit by the window and sip my morning coffee). On the third floor you will also find Bare Restaurant, one of Bergens best modern Nordic restaurants (also with views towards Bryggen) that serves only the best organic produce from the regions farms. Insidentaly, not only Bare has one of the most delicious menus I have ever tasted (in my opinion you must try it at least once when in Bergen) , but it is where breakfast is served as well. Such a unique experience to have your morning meal right at Bare, with the delightfully gigantic windows and the warm atmosphere.

Norway in general is missing boutique hotels of high design standard. There are many hotels that have high accomodation standard but unfortunately not many that fit in the category of design hotels. While there are some details amiss ( probably something only me and a handful of others would notice), Bergen Børs is one of the hotels that deserves more attention and I am hoping that it gets it. De Bergenske that has Bergen Børs under its umbrella also has Villa Terminus and Zander K hotel in the area, two completely different hotels since Villa Terminus is a small boutique hotel and Zander K a very modern hotel, however both fill a gap into the hotel category I mentioned above. So glad to see De Bergenske bringing such quality in Bergen!

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Nordiska Kök Wooden new Kitchen designs

February 16, 2019

Nordiska Kök , or in English Nordic Kitchens, have so much strong roots in Nordic design that even the name of the company couldn’t but reflect that. Kitchens to live in, unique and tailor-made to suit everyones life, today and tomorrow. All their kitchens are built to be timeless and last for years, and to leave the lightest possible footprint on world resources. Locally produced in their carpentry workshop near Gothenburg, Nordiska Kök kitchens are built entirely from scratch based on customer needs and wishes. This means that you not only get a kitchen you can live in and enjoy for a long time, but also a kitchen based on your very own choices. I particularly like their wooden choices, although all their designs are quite beautiful. Not as expensive as you might think either for a completely bespoke kitchen with all appliances included. One of my favorites I am showing today below, although funnily enough I might have gone for something lighter in color, though I would definitely keep the design!

// Photos via Nordiska Kök


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

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