Old favorites, new colors.

December 5, 2019

Old favorites in new colors for Stelton and their award-winning and timeless EM77 thermos with the unique, patented rocker stopper was created by Erik Magnussen in 1977 which is one of Stelton’s best-selling designs of all time and for a good reason. A classic can almost never be out of style and it will fit in any kitchen or environment. I shot a small editorial for the new colors and the beautiful light grey popped out to me.  In the same line now can also be found an electrical kettle ( as shown above) , a tea maker and a french press ( as shown below), again in the same light grey color. In the same simple idiom as EM77 vacuum jug, the EM77 press coffee maker holds eight cups, and its double walls keeps the coffee warm for longer. Perfect for gifts this season, I have often times find it hard to choose a color. I already have 3 different colors throughout the years in my cabinets and I usually change them around according to the season or the occasion. In all honesty I was mostly excited for their electrical kettle, the design is simply fantastic. The electrical part goes completely under so when it is plugged in and in use you only see a small cord and nothing else (observe photo below). I have trouble thinking of an electric kettle I would prefer having , and that I can say wholeheartedly.

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.


3 Days of Design : Hotel Charlottenborg

July 4, 2019


I was lucky to attend the opening party of Hotel Charlottenborg exhibition the day before the official doors opened for the public,  which means I was also able to take a few photos of my own to show you some of my favorite pieces. Hotel Charlottenborg showcased 16 furniture brands in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful buildings, Charlottenborg Festsal, and is curated by the team behind Ark Journal. The exhibition focused on the hospitality scene, in fresh settings that play up the zone between private and public, creating a home away from home.

“The home away from home concept and the zone between private and public are some of the interesting trends we are currently reading in the interior design of many new restaurants and hotels. The hotel framework is therefore both a creative framework for creating an exhibition – and interesting for the participating companies, because precisely the contract market is very attractive” says Didde Rishøj, consultant at Dansk Industri.

Fritz Hansen, Kvist Industries, Skovby Møbelfabrik, Re Beds, Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft, Magnus Olesen, Eilersen (more of their new sofa as shown in the exhibition and their history I wrote here) , Cane-line, Randers+Radius, Vahle, W.O. Interior, Overgaard & Dyrman, Søren Lund Møbler, Four Design, Brdr. Petersen and Form & Refine , are the exhibitors , a group composed of both large and small, young and more established companies. All the brands are showing a mixture of new pieces juxtaposed to some classics and elements that help elevate the Hotel Charlottenborg concept.

While perusing through all the exhibitors , we were also treated to drinks in Charlottenborg’s large inner courtyard that became a quaint cafe for the 3 Days of Design, where I must thank Lisa ( my wing woman extraordinaire liaison from Eilersen) for arranging so I never missed an opportunity to drink and have fun. What are good friends for 🙂

Above : Veng , handmade nordic bed by Re Nature BedsAbove : Runa office desk by Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft/ T37 table lamp by Tom Rossau

Above : Eilersen Float High Sofa | Frame Table | Kant Table /  T37 floor lamp by Tom Rossau

Above : The new Circle Dining Chair by Overgaard & Dyrman

Above : The Penguin chair by Brdr. Petersen

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.

Do we style our house for comfort or trends?

June 16, 2019

Just recently a friend of mine from US , Willow from Willow Style co , asked me my opinion on a cover for her sofa. “Should I choose a loose linen or a fitted cover?” Arguably at the end I cannot know which one is the best for her, however I do know that if it was me I would choose the loose fitting version. Both will look great but as you know lately loose linen covers are not trending,which is why she asked for my opinion to begin with. Contemporary is my bread and butter, and some of the designs for new sofas and chairs look fantastic, however at the end , there is a certain amount of “new” items you can buy for your own house, we are not all infinitely rich after all. How to style your home? Do you style for current trends or for personal style and comfort that derives from that? Which is the correct answer? There is no correct answer really. As I told Willow, our houses are not here to house all the latest trends. And our blogs and social media spaces are not for that either. If I want to see all the latest trends, I will go to fairs, check various websites where one specializes in this, the other in that etc. In my house you will always see a selection of my favorite things, old and new, classics, contemporary, trending or just plain old loves everyone has long forgotten of. It is my personal style that brings them together and I hope it is for the same reason you are reading this post or you check my media. 

Todays post is a reflection of what I am talking about above. This super beautiful apartment is definitely not following any trends, maybe still riding the beige one but probably not even on purpose. With a classic kitchen (with modern details though), with a loose fitted sofa in the living room, everything is picked out to the owners personal style (the couple behind concept store Ingredients LDN )

Would you have this kitchen? I would in a heartbeat. Probably not an answer a lot would expect to hear from me, but I have always loved a more classic style. The kitchen is a Sebastian Cox Kitchen by  deVOL Kitchens , if you are not aware of them you really should take a look at their fantastic range of designs.  Will this be how my next kitchen will look like? I honestly have no idea. I always take my cues for design from my environment, my thoughts and where in my life I am at the moment, not to mention influences, budget etc. All I am saying is, as I am always doing, you should also follow your own style. It is what sets you apart and what makes your space , you.

// Photos via deVOL Kitchens , Photography by Ingredients LDN  


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Styling and Photography by Katerina Dima unless otherwise stated.


Danish Design : Eilersen Classics

June 13, 2019

Above : Eilersen Float High Sofa | Frame Table | Kant Table | at Charlottenborg

It was a typical rainy Tuesday morning when we took the car for a short 2 hour road trip from Copenhagen to Fyn, Denmark , to visit the headquarters and showroom of the well known Danish company Eilersen

It all began with a horse-drawn carriage. In 1895 the young Niels Eilersen started out as a coachbuilder. To make his wheels, he was the first person in Denmark to use steam to bend wood. And when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, Eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and busses. Their history and how the innovative family went from making coaches to couches is a beautiful read on their website, I heartily recommend it .

A lot has changed since Eilersen’s story began back in 1895, but their founding principle has always stayed the same – to comfort us, and bring beauty to your world. To create the best possible, the unique and at the same time the ultimative upholstery quality sofa or product. And it is surely so, when every couch is build by hand, and entirely customisable to match your mood and temperament, from pillows to the fabric to the dimensions of the couch itself. 

Our tour of the headquarters at Skamby started with a well prepared surprise. To celebrate its impressive 125 year history, Eilersen extended an invitation to another guest that curiously also is celebrating its 125th year, the Swan Lake, a ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. We were greeted by the white Swan itself by the original antique horse-drawn carriage at the entry, and welcomed inside the impressive 1600m² showroom to a company of ballet for a short Swan Lake performance. 

After enjoying the ballet, it was time for our tour. The showroom itself is quite magnificent. Its interior is designed in a way that resembles a gallery rather than a furniture store or house or showroom, this way all pieces are showcased in a harmonious way without interruptions. 

Above : Ashton Chairs | Spider Table | Kant Table | Fatty Sofa 

The whole collection of Eilersen designs can be found in these premises. All the sofas , tables, console tables and shelves, rugs, chairs and lounge chairs and footstools. Every Eilersen sofa is built on a framework of solid pinewood for lightweight, flexibility and durability. 

Above : Kant Table | Feet FootstoolAbove : Fatty Sofa |Kant Table

Skilled hands and first rate materials combine to create the ultimate in upholstered furniture. Every most single design in the range carries Jens Juuls signature. With the simplistic yet sophisticated Baseline design, Jens Juul struck a chord with people that are equally obsessed with proportions. 

When you put your heart into it, you might just build the best sofa in the world. Nils Juul Eilersen.

Among some of the new designs, the Kant collection, created together with Yuzuru Nishiyama from Japan. The collection includes coffee tables in different sizes to the perfect console table or office desk, which even comes with a matching bench. With a simple silhouette and a minimalistic design, the Kant tables are both modern and precise in their execution. 

“The idea was to create something modern and rather sharp, which I think we succeeded in doing with Kant.” Says Yuzuru Nishiyama and continues: “What characterizes the design are the edges. This was also the inspiration for the name Kant. I wanted it to be a Danish name to emphasize the collaboration.”

Strolling through the two floors of the showroom I cannot help but admire not only the vast selection of designs and diversity but also the history of the space itself that binds everything together. The old premises sneak through the walls, the floors, the old doors, the old furnaces. The whole space feels like it is designed to give you the very essence of what Eilersen represents. Craftsmanship, quality and innovation. 

Above : Eilersen Slope Sofa | Bun Footstool | Wheel footstool with buttonsAbove : Eilersen Session | Eilersen Skagen | Frame Table | Stick Carpet

Below : Eilersen Gotham | Spider Table | Stick Carpet

Innovation and tradition are still hallmarks of the company that has given name and life to many classics over the years. Since the 1930s, Eilersen has produced furniture with a focus on high quality, comfort and durability. This strategy has made Eilersen a well-known and recognized brand both nationally and internationally. Eilersen is currently run by the fourth generation. 

Eilersen has its own carpets but within the N. Eilersen A/S group there is also the Juul Furniture, an independent brand that is based on its good reputation, high quality and durability. It is produced at the group’s own factories with an assurance of craftsmanship of the highest quality by experienced specialists and its carpets and rugs were among my favorites.

The Safari chair, is the answer to the question of which chair best compliments Eilersen’s vast collection of sofas.  Designed by Erik Woerts, it is being relaunched in 5 different combinations of oak with canvas and leather in colours from nature’s own palette. To a solid frame of oiled, soap-treated or black-lacquered oak is fastened a seat, back and armrests of either natural or black canvas or leather in shades of dark brown and black. 

All through the showroom there were installations of flowers and greenery. This motif was also followed for the 3 Days of Design anywhere Eilersen was present who joined forces with Tableau to transform Anton Dam’s showroom for 3 Days of Design, with a focus on colour and innovation .Tableau, opened in Copenhagen in 2018 by owner  Julius Værnes Iversen, a self-taught florist, renowned for being able to create small works of art for the ‘stage’ in the form of innovative objects using flowers and plants. Julius produced a series of unique creations featuring Eilersen’s own textiles.Screen and Seal are two new textiles from Eilersen, both of which have been used for the flower creations. Scroll below to see some of the photos of Anton Dam’s showroom.

Above: Plano Sofa |  Spider TableAbove : Eilersen Great Ash Frame Table | Wheel Pouf | Stick Carpet | at Anton Dam

Above : Baseline Sofa in stunning Corduroy Fabric

Below : Eilersen Plano Sofa |Stick Carpet | Spider Table

A home away from home during 3 Days of Design, Hotel Charlottenborg opened its doors to a new exhibition created in collaboration with 16 leading contemporary Danish furniture brands and the Association of Danish Wood and Furniture Industries, curated by Ark Journal. A real sight to see, not just for its concept but for the great curation of the space. I will be making a post about it soon as well, so keep an eye for it! 

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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