Q: What equipment do you use for shooting?
A: I mostly use my old DSLR Nikon D40x for taking photos. Until the body gives up I have no intention of buying a new one. Investing in lenses is the better choice for me. The lens I use almost exclusively is the AF-S Zoom-Nikkor ED 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6G IF DX VR. I will also take photos with my iPhone5.

Q: How do you shoot your photos to always look so bright?
A: There are different ways to produce the effect of my photos. First of all always try to shoot with natural light. Adjust the aperture of the camera lens and the brightness. I also use a natural light lamp when I shoot close ups at night.

Q: What kind of software do you use to edit your photos?
A: I almost exclusively use Photoshop. I make my own actions as to provide with all my pictures with a unified feel and reduce editing time. When needed for fine tuning of the colors and shadows of the pictures I will also use the following tools Photoshop provides : Levels, Hue/Saturation,Curves and appropriately make use of gradients, blending tools and blur.

Q: Will you show us some before and after pictures?
A: Certainly! You can see some examples below.

Q: I would love to be able to use some of your actions!
A: Now you can! I have created an Etsy Shop just for this reason, one of my most popular configures emulating daylight as seen below can be purchased here! I appreciate every little bit of support :)

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