About Me

My name is Katerina Dima. I grew up in sunny Athens in Greece where I studied Architecture. I now live in Oslo in Norway.

About my Style

Modern Scandinavian/Nordic style is very distinctive and  renowned in the design world. Last few years it has gathered a lot of support from the design community and I am extremely happy to see it grow. My style is very influenced by Nordic design although I still retain strong bonds to contemporary american, industrial and minimalism. It is no wonder Modern Scandinavian design has captured so much of my attention as it is born from the basic principles of modernism fused with traditional materials and can have the look of contemporary interior design.

About the Blog

I created this blog originally as a means to document the renovations of the house we currently live in and in the hopes that it would inspire creativity for my readers. Even though it is still less than 6 months old it has received a lot of attention and I am very happy to see its readership grow by the day. Here I will document all our houses renovations, spinets of my everyday life, interior design ideas and news, articles about what captures my eye in the interior world, reviews and presentation of products I love.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. For inquiries about my camera or editing you can visit the F.A.Q. on top of the page!

Collaborations and Advertising 

Interested in collaborating with Only Deco Love? Feel free to email me at info@onlydecolove.com or have a look here for more details.

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