Old favorites, new colors.

December 5, 2019

Old favorites in new colors for Stelton and their award-winning and timeless EM77 thermos with the unique, patented rocker stopper was created by Erik Magnussen in 1977 which is one of Stelton’s best-selling designs of all time and for a good reason. A classic can almost never be out of style and it will fit in any kitchen or environment. I shot a small editorial for the new colors and the beautiful light grey popped out to me.  In the same line now can also be found an electrical kettle ( as shown above) , a tea maker and a french press ( as shown below), again in the same light grey color. In the same simple idiom as EM77 vacuum jug, the EM77 press coffee maker holds eight cups, and its double walls keeps the coffee warm for longer. Perfect for gifts this season, I have often times find it hard to choose a color. I already have 3 different colors throughout the years in my cabinets and I usually change them around according to the season or the occasion. In all honesty I was mostly excited for their electrical kettle, the design is simply fantastic. The electrical part goes completely under so when it is plugged in and in use you only see a small cord and nothing else (observe photo below). I have trouble thinking of an electric kettle I would prefer having , and that I can say wholeheartedly.

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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