Christmas with Georg Jensen Collectibles

December 16, 2019

This year I started my collection of Georg Jensen’s Christmas Collectibles , a limited edition series of festive decorations created by a different designer every year for Georg Jensen. For more than 100 years Georg Jensen has pioneered the field of Scandinavian design by constantly delivering products and experiences that elevate the everyday. This season the collectibles are based on the classic Christmas symbols of love, togetherness and tradition: hearts, stars and trees all plated in gold and palladium.

“Jul” is the Scandinavian word for Christmas, and up here it is one of the most popular words in the vocabulary. Because in Scandinavia “jul” is not just a single evening of gift exchanges, it is a whole season of having a good time. It is that part of the year when you go out of your way to make others feel happy and loved.

The 2019 Christmas Collectible collection is designed by longtime Georg jensen collaborator Sanne Lund Traberg using the graphic lines and shapes often seen in both cubist and art deco pieces. Her work is both contemporary and timeless.

Christmas is a time for showing love to your family and friends so what better symbol to use on a tree decoration than a heart? This gold-plated Christmas ornament features a beautifully crafted heart suspended inside a delicate frame which features graphic patterns inspired by Cubism and Art Deco, the designer says.

I have been in Norway for a couple of years now and every year there has been an excuse to not decorate for Christmas. Moving houses, spending christmas abroad, and other reasons. This year I made a promise to myself to not only celebrate Christmas, but to start with a new tradition as well. Being very much on the minimal side I do not want to overwhelm my house with baubles and decorations, but with ornaments that will mean something to me for years to come as well. Adding my Georg Jensen collectibles collection every year seems like the best way to also look forwards to the next festive season as well! Win win!

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima


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