Do we style our house for comfort or trends?

June 16, 2019

Just recently a friend of mine from US , Willow from Willow Style co , asked me my opinion on a cover for her sofa. “Should I choose a loose linen or a fitted cover?” Arguably at the end I cannot know which one is the best for her, however I do know that if it was me I would choose the loose fitting version. Both will look great but as you know lately loose linen covers are not trending,which is why she asked for my opinion to begin with. Contemporary is my bread and butter, and some of the designs for new sofas and chairs look fantastic, however at the end , there is a certain amount of “new” items you can buy for your own house, we are not all infinitely rich after all. How to style your home? Do you style for current trends or for personal style and comfort that derives from that? Which is the correct answer? There is no correct answer really. As I told Willow, our houses are not here to house all the latest trends. And our blogs and social media spaces are not for that either. If I want to see all the latest trends, I will go to fairs, check various websites where one specializes in this, the other in that etc. In my house you will always see a selection of my favorite things, old and new, classics, contemporary, trending or just plain old loves everyone has long forgotten of. It is my personal style that brings them together and I hope it is for the same reason you are reading this post or you check my media. 

Todays post is a reflection of what I am talking about above. This super beautiful apartment is definitely not following any trends, maybe still riding the beige one but probably not even on purpose. With a classic kitchen (with modern details though), with a loose fitted sofa in the living room, everything is picked out to the owners personal style (the couple behind concept store Ingredients LDN )

Would you have this kitchen? I would in a heartbeat. Probably not an answer a lot would expect to hear from me, but I have always loved a more classic style. The kitchen is a Sebastian Cox Kitchen by  deVOL Kitchens , if you are not aware of them you really should take a look at their fantastic range of designs.  Will this be how my next kitchen will look like? I honestly have no idea. I always take my cues for design from my environment, my thoughts and where in my life I am at the moment, not to mention influences, budget etc. All I am saying is, as I am always doing, you should also follow your own style. It is what sets you apart and what makes your space , you.

// Photos via deVOL Kitchens , Photography by Ingredients LDN  


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