The calm home of art historian Emma Blomquist

February 1, 2019

I found this gem of an apartment on Residence and I cannot help but feel a little bit jealous because it represents a near perfect apartment to my style and taste. Unfortunately something like this is way beyond my budget for now though a girl can dream. Interestingly enough I actually used similar colors/hues for my Oslo apartment last year, I love the beige-grey combination! Unfortunately it doesn’t photograph very well, and with all the amount of color correction, it still doesn’t translate well. So from experience, I can tell you that the colors of this apartment look so much more beautiful and distinct in reality than they do in these photos, here they seem to blend awkwardly with each other, creating reddish and greenish reflections that do not exist in reality, all the while seeming very monochromatic, although it reality I know they look very dynamic.  For the interview with Emma, the home owner you can read more at Residence.

// Photos Via Residence


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