Nordiska Kök Wooden new Kitchen designs

February 16, 2019

Nordiska Kök , or in English Nordic Kitchens, have so much strong roots in Nordic design that even the name of the company couldn’t but reflect that. Kitchens to live in, unique and tailor-made to suit everyones life, today and tomorrow. All their kitchens are built to be timeless and last for years, and to leave the lightest possible footprint on world resources. Locally produced in their carpentry workshop near Gothenburg, Nordiska Kök kitchens are built entirely from scratch based on customer needs and wishes. This means that you not only get a kitchen you can live in and enjoy for a long time, but also a kitchen based on your very own choices. I particularly like their wooden choices, although all their designs are quite beautiful. Not as expensive as you might think either for a completely bespoke kitchen with all appliances included. One of my favorites I am showing today below, although funnily enough I might have gone for something lighter in color, though I would definitely keep the design!

// Photos via Nordiska Kök


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