Mornington Mornings

February 9, 2019

I have been in Stockholm for the whole week, yet this time around it was even more hectic than before so I didn’t have time to update the blog at all. You see I decided that maybe I should do a cool sort of vlog type video, instead of neverending stories on instagram, so I will take you to the backstage of the experience this time around. However jokes on me, first of all this meant I had even more work to do plus it took so much more of my time, and second and even worse, as you might know if you are following me on instagram, somewhere between a cancelled flight back home yesterday and rebooking the next one, my luggage didn’t make it home with me. I am still waiting for it , all my cameras and equipment is inside, but I did have some of the material on cloud (not the videos) so I could edit some of the photos on an old pc at home and start sharing the week with you. (While scrolling down, right click and open in a new window the photos that are horizontal like the one below to see them in bigger size!)

I will start with where I stayed during the week, at the hotel Mornington located in Nybrogatan 53 Stockholm city. I seem to always stay in this cozy hotel during the February Furniture and Light fair, and if you have read my instagram post about it here then you will know why. It is one of my favorite hotels regardless in Stockholm so I am beyond grateful I am able to stay here every year so far, it is warm and cozy, with great breakfast and facilities, while it is in the heart of the city right next to the metro station and Alma (and all bathrooms are filled with LA Bruket toiletries). And if this wasn’t enough , I just discovered a great sushi place next to it that is budget friendly (generally there are great restaurants around for an elevated food experience plus the hotels own restaurant). If you decide to visit Stockholm there are many hotels to choose from, but Mornington for me is definitely one of the best (plus it is listed as one of the 10 top hotels so it is not only me).

Ask for a room on the second floor so you can get a similar to the one I am showing today ( I stayed in the room 212 and Elisabeth  stayed in 210 so we were right next to each other with mirrored rooms!) , and enjoy a cosy stay! Every room is slightly different however, here is some highlights for this room for me :

  1. Extended almost walk in wardrobe : It was covered with a curtain so everything in my room was neat while I could just pull the curtain and leave the mess inside (safe, fridge, closet, iron board, iron,soft bathrobe, hair drier were all in there).
  2. Big working area with big windows : This is somewhat of a standard but I really liked how mine stretched so far from wall to wall.
  3. The bathroom was right next to the exit door in its own hallway, I felt like I was in a suite!

// Photography and Editing by Katerina Dima



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