Simple Christmas wrapping

December 13, 2018

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Today I finally started on wrapping this years Christmas gifts, however as soon as I started, I realized I was missing my Christmas craft box. Over the years I have filled a huge box with wrapping papers, tools, ribbons of various colors and texture, name tags, ornaments, almost everything I would need in any occasion. Unfortunately I am in the country right now and my huge box is in Oslo. Kind of ironic really, if I was in Oslo I would just purchase what I would be missing, but here choices are limited when you are in a hurry. But if there is something the country has, is natural ingredients in abundance so I decided to theme this years presents with rustic simplicity. And really, it doesn’t get more scandinavian than this. Simple ornaments,  fyr, leather, twine and a cup of coffee and we are ready to go. First to wrap, a watch from Harper and Brooks ( I made an Autumn Winter editorial for them here and introduced them, if you are curious to read more about the local Oslo brand with incredible values that I am very fortunate to be working with). I am not going to presume you dont know what your loved ones would want for Christmas, but honestly every time I have gifted a watch it has always been received with high marks.

Two years ago my mom actually cried when she opened the box , as it appears her own had just broken down a couple of weeks ago and she was missing telling the time terribly. Not the one to spend on herself , she had halfway decided to see if she would be able to live without a watch, suffice it to say she lets me know how happy she is almost every time I call home. Seeing my mom cry for something as simple as gifting a watch was really a moment I will never forget, not to mention now I know how much it means to her. Last year I also gifted my sister in law with one, and once again it hit high marks. This time it was rather fashion that was the issue, all her watches were huge and clunky (remember the really big ones with the big bracelets we used to wear years ago?). So when I gifted her with a delicate 28mm watch (as seen in this post) she was just stunned, it appears she had been looking to buy one for herself yet haven’t decided on which one. She is so sweet about it, even after all this time she makes sure to tell me how much she appreciates it, although she still thinks it cannot be a coincidence I knew exactly what she wanted and the timing, and that possibly my brother had tipped me off!

I am sure I won’t hit that sweet spot where someone literally was on the market for a new watch every time, but again this year I am gifting one Harper and Brooks watch and I already know it will be extremely welcomed. Sometimes, the obvious, is the greatest choice for a gift, why resist it ?

As a Christmas offer,Harper and Brooks have created a selection of limited edition gift sets. Have a look at their best selling wool models and get 15% off ! For me, having the choice to change from a steel mesh strap to the super comfy wool one for a more cozy look is perfect combo, I always buy extra straps when I gift a watch!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima



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