Aesops first Oil Burner in Brass

December 4, 2018

I think anyone that follows me knows by now I am very fond of Aesop products, in fact most of my facial and care is comprised by Aesop. What you probably didn’t know is that when a product finishes and I really need a replacement I seldomly will order it online. While shopping online is one of the easiest and quickest ways to shop, unfortunately if I do , I miss the entire experience of shopping in Aesop and this is something I value almost as much as the products themselves.

Aesop does not only provide with body/face care and fragrances, there is a home line (some of my favorites are in this category)  that is now expanded with the arrival of the first Aesop Oil Burner made of brass.

If you have only ordered online you won’t know of this, but every Aesop store has a certain ambiance, the subtle aroma of what is clearly the Aesop identity envelops you as you enter the store. Shop alone or ask for assistance, you can ask the stuff to try on any combination of products and they will recommend what you need if you want them to. While being treated to a hand massage you can also drink some warm tea, a proprietary blend made for Aesop that is not for sale, something you can only enjoy in store as a warm welcome. Once finished with shopping, the stuff will put any products in a muslin reusable bag (I get so much out of these bags)  that will be sprayed with a proprietary fragrance to make the bag smell like the store for quite a few days to come. Before you leave the store make sure to use on your way out any of their free to use hand balms (unless you already have one in your bag like I do). Yes shopping online is quick and effortless, but personally I wouldn’t want to miss this experience.

The Brass Oil Burner that can only be bought in store , brings some of the experience back when at home. Just add a few drops of the Beatrice oil burner blend on top of the lid and light the candle inside, then sit back and enjoy the fragrance that fills the room. Just make sure where you place the burner, it can get quite hot so surfaces need to be able to tolerate heat.

The oil burner is designed for Aesop by Studio Henry Wilson in Australia. It is made of solid brass in Australia using mold casting – an ancient technique that uses wax molds for metal casting – to ensure that every single oil burner has its own character and brass patina, which will develop over time. In the work of the oil lamp, the designer was inspired by asymmetry, the imperfect beauty of pouring molten brass in a form and the quiet ritual of lightning a candle

“The purpose of the design was to create a container that was a tool and votive art object that reflects Aesop’s strong East philosophy for design, emphasizing the irregular and asymmetric as something unique beautiful and poetic. The amorphous design was carefully developed to reflect the imperfections in the metal casting process and the soft edges and silent shapes are meant to keep warm and give some mystery. “Says Henry Wilson

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima


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4 comments on “Aesops first Oil Burner in Brass”

  • Astrid says:

    So, when I read that it can be bought only in store I made immediately a visit to the online shop and found out that you can get your hands on it even there…

  • john says:

    im using this now and it takes so long to heat up, its been an hour and still no scent is produced…

    • onlydecolove says:

      You should really contact them then , mine works just fine! But you dont feel it if you are in the room so much. If I go to the bathroom and return though then the room feels quite scented.

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