Whimsical Quiet Christmas with Artilleriet

November 17, 2018

 I feel it is almost its own tradition now to post about Artilleriet’s Christmas editorial inspiration  ( check 20172016 and 2015 ) and so here goes 2018. Every year the team at Artilleriet are showcasing very cleverly the handpicked items that they include in their festive collection , all of which is sold in store, specifically you can find everything displayed in the editorial here. I really like the moody atmosphere, something Artilleriet is known for, and the quirky decorations, along with pieces of art and outstanding design furniture. There is a unique holiday spirit here, and this should be the inspiration for everyone, make your own Christmas as personal and unique as you are! Scroll the photos for  glimpse of moody and whimsical Christmas, and enjoy some gløgg too with spices if you can, I am already reaching for it!

// Photography and Styling by Artilleriet


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