The Beautiful Apartment of Studio Dom

November 27, 2018

The Beautiful Apartment of swedish Studio Dom , is the perfect example why I share inspirational homes in the online space of Only Deco Love. It does not only provide inspiration for all of my readers, but for me as well, as in fact most times I also use my blogazine as my personal inspiration board for future projects. Of course Pinterest is always my go to for searches, but my own blog most of the times serves as a time capsule where I know where everything is and in what order. Plus if ever something is removed from Pinterest, or I can’t find it, I know I can always rely on this space. Inspiration, references, anything I might need is actually very cleverly hidden within the posts, from colors to furniture, my own personal catalog of everything I might need quickly. Today I am inspired by the colors, composition, usage of different materials and finally some lamps accessories and furniture. Lets just say that Studio Dom and styling duo  Sundling & Kickén have really done great with this one for me in terms of inspiration!

// Photography by Mikael Lundblad  , Styling by Sundling & Kickén for Residence Magazine



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