Styling Sessions for AXOR Montreux Campaign – A bathroom mixer with Authentic aesthetic

November 7, 2018

Advertisement // Campaign in collaboration with AXOR

Today I am happy to present you the campaign I have been working in collaboration with AXOR . Every mixer and shower from AXOR features their own unique design, designed in collaboration with world-renowned designers, such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Jean-Marie Massaud.

AXOR embodies luxury in the bathroom and kitchen. Avantgarde, one-of-a-kind products and collections are created to the highest aesthetic and technological standards. They all live up to the aspiration “Form Follows Perfection”.

I was free to choose whichever mixer I wanted and create an interpretation of how I imagine it in a bathroom. I chose the AXOR Montreux that combines authentic aesthetics ,with the evolution of industrial design at the wash basin. The design partner for AXOR Montreux: Phoenix Design is an independent design studio which has won more than 700 design awards. Focusing on product design in the tradition of the Bauhaus style and supreme ease of use of the products. True to the original style: the bridge mixer with high spout and cross handles with authentic porcelain inlays. Unmistakably classic.

But how can a classic fit a contemporary bathroom? I took the challenge by imagining the mixer in a lifestyle moodboard, a great visual in order to express what I had in mind. Texture and color are most important, for this reason I chose the Montreux to be made in Brushed Black Chrome FinishPlus surface finish. I find that this specific finish, chosen from the 15  AXOR Finish Plus colors, can be perfectly tailored to the interior design of almost any contemporary bathroom as well as any classic bathroom. It will fit just as well in a marble bathroom, or a bathroom with cement finishes, or even a bathroom with Moroccan hydraulic tiles. I decided to use classic details to show how even colors that one might not imagine will look great in fact complement the mixer ,brown packaging with wooden details along with soft natural colors.

Below you can also see the mixer in detail, and its beautiful brushed chrome finish. Scroll for photos of my interpretation of how a lifestyle moodboard can easily be transformed into a real bathroom.

Using the same materials and surface suggestions, it is not hard to go from having a mixer to creating a DIY bathroom. The AXOR Montreux can fit into a perfectly designed bathroom, something that AXOR has been a pioneer at .

Luxurious bathroom design is not dependant on the size of the room. The floor plan is not a benchmark for the high quality of the interior furnishings. It’s a question of having high standards with regard to shapes and materials. Granite, marble, wood and elegant fabrics.

While any AXOR mixer can be used in an architectural designed bathroom, here in Norway I know so many of you love to work on building on your own. From kitchens to bathrooms, Norwegians love to employ designers for a luxurious result, but they also love to create something on their own, and it important that it feels equally luxurious. With the AXOR Montreux that couldn’t be easier. The mixer comes ready to be mounted, with a minimal knowledge of having done this once before or watching a short video, installation shouldn’t be a problem at all. Here I present to you which materials you can start with that are easy to find an assemble. Wooden surfaces, water resistant paint for the walls, a ceramic basin. I imagined going all the way back to the classics for this composition. Feel free to change colors, add stone or cement, fabrics and details, the Montreux will bring everything together at the end and it will be the centerpiece of the washing area.

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima


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