IKEA Livet Hemma Inspiration and a trick on how to achieve the looks

November 1, 2018

It is not the first time I turn to IKEA Livet Hemma for inspiration , in fact one of my most popular posts about Livet Hemma featuring what I think could be a full house, can be found here and the continuation of it here. I think the team of stylists and photographers the Swedish part of IKEA is putting on these small projects are brilliant, in the way they handle colours and combination of materials , that not only help see some of IKEA furniture in new light, but also they make you want to copy the whole set up. There is a a small trick to this process however that anyone can follow, and it’s not really hidden so everyone can take advantage of it. The clever thought behind is to combine IKEA products with either vintage or even high end brands. So feel free to use your vintage rug along with an IKEA sofa, dress it in Bemz covers, add a painting or a poster behind it, use those magazines on the sofa table as coasters, then add a high end lamp or a chair and there you have it. The formula is simple really, what makes however Livet Hemma special, s that the team provides inspiration for you and me, for free. It is one thing to say this is the formula, and another to start from scratch implementing it. But if you have a couple of stylings as inspiration to start , then it makes starting a project of your own quite manageable. Scroll to see a few photos I chose, that stand out to me from the collection of Livet Hemma, all from different posts, that I think make for good inspiration.

//Photos via IKEA Livet Hemma


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