How to style a bedroom 4 ways

October 21, 2018

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A couple of weeks ago it was your vote that decided the winner for Norways best bedroom, a competition by Høie of Scandinavia and For those that have been following these series , I know you are very much looking forward to this! I posted about the 4 semi finalists here and today I will be showing you the first styling (and a sneak peek of the second) for the winning bedroom, I m sure you recognize it! You can find more photos and the rest of stylings on !

In this styling we took advantage of the colour profile the room already had, there are dominant white and blue walls that we decided would combine great with colour blocking when it came to the linens. Cool hues were chosen accordingly for the first styling, that would not only fit the room but also the owners character. In this His and His bedroom, crisp greys combined with cool blues and brilliant whites for linens bring upon a sophisticated and young feeling, for a couple that is hip and modern. The details chosen amplify this effect, modern furniture with minimal influences, black and silver details, leather and steel. The result hints towards a contemporary view of the materials, and introduces a fresh look towards satin linens. The grey details ( vases, linens, blanket) creates a balance between the crisp difference of white and blue, it bridges the space between them without weighing it down. In this way the colour details of the room that already existed are used as a base for the new styling while also being elevated to a new height. If you want to bring about colours, this is a smart way of emphasising them.

Used in this styling from Høie online catalog :

Satin grey bed sheetsVelvet Blue pillowcases | Satin white pillowcases | Dark grey wool blanket | Dark Blue wool blanket

For the next styling we focused on the softness of the materials of the room, the warm nordic oak floors and closet, the natural tones the room provided already. White this time is being used as the neutral agent that unifies the end result, which focuses now on a friendly and inviting environment. The feeling we are trying to achieve is soft cosiness, we wanted to bring living in the bedroom. The activity of reading, or listening to music while relaxing on the bed, or even on the warm floor. The colours and materials used for the linens (sheets , beddings, blankets), accentuate exactly this feeling of soft cosiness , beige tones were used in combination with muted greens , a combination that succeeds in inviting you in to spend a quiet afternoon or a prolonged morning. The colours themselves are not supposed to be heavy, the opposite, they are chosen for their calming effect, while the light patterned fabrics create an interesting layer that the eye and eventually the body can rest. Details of the styling also help with this, this time around soft colours where chosen for any furniture that matched the warm nordic feel, pale nude leathers, linen beige pouches help with storage of anything that can be hidden in plain view, transparent vases and surfaces that let light fly in without obscuring the colours or patterns we were trying to use to promote an inviting environment. A comfortable setting was created next to the window, where an alternative way is presented on spending an hour on the floor with a blanket reading a book. The stage is set for a comfortable few hours. See more at

Used in this styling from Høie online catalog :

Krepp Olive Bed Sheets | Cecilie Olive pillowcases | Krepp Olive striped pillowcases | Wool knitted Olive Blanket

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima


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