Ferm Living and Red Cross

October 31, 2018

Rarely I have the opportunity to post about a cause, and so today, this post is very special. Ferm Living has designed a high quality blanket, the Enfold blanket, to support the Danish Red Cross in their work of helping vulnerable families get through the winter.Ferm Living’s proceeds from the sales of this exclusive blanket , are donated to the Danish Red Cross in full who are then able to provide aid and care in parts of the world where living conditions are much harsher than what we are used to.

Enfold is made out of 100% wool melange , in a blue tone , with fringes on 2 sides. I will be getting one myself and I will get back to you on how it feels. I dont need another blanket, probably you dont either, and if you already support the Red Cross or any other charity you feel is helping out then you are already doing something to help out. But regardless of if you are or not, this is a good opportunity to give, without thinking too much about how, only why. It is getting cold out there, and everybody should at least have a blanket, and this is what the message of this post is about.

The money is donated to the general funds of Red Cross. The donation allows them to act if disaster strikes but also supports their preventive and development efforts.

//Photos via Ferm Living



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