Enviable apartment in Gothenburg

October 26, 2018

As always I am getting inspiration from homes out for sale,but when I spotted this one at Stadshem I was quite taken aback with the similarities it bears with my previous apartment in Oslo (you can find photos here on a tour of my house) . From the placement of furniture, the shelves are the same only different color, the fireplace is at the same position, same windows, really the only major difference is that our kitchens and bedrooms are exchanged. However, this is how I would have renovated if I had stayed (it was up for sale, you can find the ad and more photos here), so this is so great to see, it is almost like I see what my own apartment would have looked like!  Either way, I would move in instantly in this apartment as well, and with the good competitive prices in Gothenburg it is really tempting!

Photos via Stadshem


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