Stunning Apartment in Copenhagen

September 8, 2018

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this stunning apartment in Copenhagen, designed by Natalie Dubrovska. From the classic details, the environment, the beautiful design and the view of the city, this apartment has it all. Below you can find various aspects of the bedroom and the bathroom, yet I could not find photos of the kitchen or living room. I can imagine however this apartment not having either, mostly because some can be very small and the bedroom can serve as a living room easily. As for a kitchen, one of the most amazing Architects Zaha Hadid, very famously did not have a kitchen in her own home, only a small concealed fridge. She found that she always ate out, regardless of the time of the day, so she had no need for one at all. I can see how a very busy man or woman wouldn’t either for the same reason, so it is not quite so unbelievable that this apartment has none. But it also looks like this home is a suite, so it could of course be part of a larger home ( after all the project is supposed to be 150sqm) , so this could be the guest room. In this case, who do I need to befriend and where do I sign my name on for?

Photos via Dubrovska Studio



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