September 21, 2018

A few weeks ago I wrote about an exciting competition where Hoie of Scandinavia was looking for the best Norwegian Bedroom. There were so many amazing bedrooms to choose from so at the end, we chose 4 finalists! The finalists all got to shop from the new range of Hoie linens and blankets, and took photos that are featured today at . We decided who would be the finalists, but it is now you who decide which one is the grand winner! Below you can see some previews of all 4 bedrooms, and if you want to vote you can visit (scroll to the bottom of the page) for a chance to also win 2000NOK to spend at Hoie!

My personal favorite is the first with Kines bedroom (first one below and photo above) , but dont let my bias affect you 😉 There are very few things I would change in Kines bedroom if any at all , I would definitely move right in and that says a lot!

 My second favorite ( below) and really close with Kine, is Steffens, who is lucky to live in a more than 100years old apartment in Oslo ( my absolute dream). I love the contrasts and the softness that her space exudes at the same time!

My third favorite is from Manuella, an excellent example of how you can make an old house shine through. I love the simplicity achieved by the clean white palette.

Last but not least, the bedroom of Jorunn, an amazing example of how a classic and feminine bedroom can allow for patters and colors in a way that is unique without being overwhelming!

All in all, I really loved all choices, and it was telling that all the judges ( including myself) really had more or less the same favorites! Truly a hard choice between all four candidates! Let see who will win the Bedroom of the year, and remember, if you vote you also participate automatically in a 2000NOK shopping spree at Hoie!


All photos credited to their respective owners individually.

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