Oslo Design Fair : Moment

August 31, 2018

This years Trend Exhibition in Oslo Design Fair was one of my favorites, and not just for ODF but possibly from all the fairs I have attended last few years. Curator Kirsten Visdal created an incredibly inspiring exhibition that draw the future of interior trends. With transparent fabrics, foliage and rice paper in frames, this autumn’s stage is inspired by Japanese traditions. The walls form simple moveable zones, and symbolize a society that undergoes major changes, according to Kirsten. 

“We have long talked about the modern nomad. Traditions and customs related to working, living are constantly changing, says Kirsten.”

The lecture series was build around the topic of the fair, Moment. In English, moment means a brief point in time – in Norwegian, a time of importance. The topic reflects how the rapid technological developments are forcing us to evaluate how we want to live our lives. How do we balance the desire for individuality with the need for community? How do the speedy changes in society affect interior and design, and what does the consumer want? These very aspects were what Kirsten investigated and then presented in the form of this years installation. Beige tones (cleverly used from Jotun Lady new color chart) and a variety of various non traditionally used materials such as flax, leather, cork, wood and wool ,were used to convey warmth and well-being and metals in steel and aluminum to give a sense of modernity. We see now that designers are also embracing less processed materials, such as solid wood in both furniture and decoration. The color palette forward balances cool shades in sliding transitions, inspired by natural shades like sand, cream and oats. The red tones, which have characterized the interior trend for a long time, turn over to yellow, and the two meet in exciting combinations. Bright, golden color shades stand for silence, calm and meditation, a reaction to the community’s visual noise.

This years installation represents calmness in every aspect of living, with Japanese influences, we are invited to also explore what a moment represents to us. New avant-garde directions seek great dimensions and organic shapes that can help us in this journey forward.

I have tried to capture a little bit of the spirit of the exhibition, but the harsh lighting needed to illuminate an otherwise completely dark space, did not write well on camera. It is a shame that this specific exhibition did not see the light of day, because I can write a lot about how to cancel the visual noise of the world around us, but often, an image is worth a thousand words and in this case, the exhibition was worth a thousand images.

Photography by Katerina Dima


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