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August 24, 2018

The season is starting with news outpouring from everywhere, and there is so much inspiration, the perfect start for a promising fall. Menu did not disappoint, in fact it is the first I share for a reason. Not only some of the items have been on my wishlist from private viewings during visits at their premises, but the photography itself is spectacular. Scroll below for more of the news and stunning lifestyle photos!

One of my most anticipated items from the collection, the Androgyne table by Danielle Siggerud. I had first spotted it as a prototype in her home ( you can see the post here, I m sure you can spot it as well in the living room), then I had the pleasure of seeing myself it in display in its current form during 3 days of design at Menu HQ. This one is really high in my wishlist.

There are news when it comes to some of the older items, the Carry lamp got a new brass look, while the Pepe mirrors now also come as a wall version! I would love to see an even bigger version of the Pepe mirror, while the standard size is great for when you want to take a closer look, why not also include a version that can be used in the hallway for a last look before you exit the door? The logistics can be difficult of course, Pepe mirror is already quite heavy so I can imagine a larger version would be significantly more difficult to handle. However I am not giving up on the idea!

New covers, colors, fabrics and sizes are added as options for the Afteroom stool, and I will be one of the first to say they are a welcomed addition to the family.

Another much anticipated design, the Knitting Chair, created by architect and furniture designer Ib Kofod-Larsen in 1951. It was put into production – but only as a limited edition. Today it is being relaunched by Menu, as part of their Modernism Reimagined initiative and their focus on creating for the future while respecting the past.

Last but not least the Harbour chair, originally created by Norm Architects for MENU Space, MENU’s new creative destination in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn Harbour, now finally available to everyone. The Harbour Chair can be left bare or upholstered, with four elegant base styles in solid oak or powdercoated steel inviting further personalisation.

// Photos via Menu



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