Høie and a huge COMPETITION with 3 finalists and a big winner

August 5, 2018

Advertisement // Sponsored post in collaboration with Hoie


I always try to bring you the best when it comes to giveaways, but this time around I think this one is the biggest and the most amazing yet! Høie of Scandinavia, the biggest company in Norway for linens and comforters , is looking for the most beautiful bedroom in Norway. Yes that could be yours! ( Enter here)

  1. What will the winner win? The winner (among 3 finalists) not only gets 15.000 NOK (extra from the 7.000 NOK you win automatically as a finalist)  to spend on their favorites in the Høie store, but also I will come to your house with Høie and Aller Concept Store to style your bedroom and create photos and video content of the bedroom to be presented in an article at kk.no!
  2. The winner will be chosen between 3 finalists that will be chosen by the jury ( I am in the Jury too!). If you are one of the three finalists you will choose your favorites from Høie, up to a value of NOK 7,000. 

All you need to do to compete in the three finalist places is to submit 3-5 high-resolution pictures of your bedroom, as well as your name, mobile and address. Any photos will do! These images will not be used for any other reason other than the jury to pick three finalists for Norway’s finest bedroom. Deadline for participation in the competition is 15 August.

Once the finalists are picked , you can send your new pictures, styled with your Høie favorites you just shopped at the Høie store with the 7.000 NOK prize that will form the basis for an article with the three finalists presented at kk.no. The readers then will vote for the big winner!

You can read more and enter HERE . Dont miss this one, it is so easy to enter and with so much at stake you are already a winner even as a finalist!

I styled today my bedroom with one of my favorites from Høie (inside and out) , a white crepe bedding (find mine here) that is cool during summer and warm during winter. One of its biggest advantages ( other than looking so very beautiful I think), is that it does not need any ironing, as it looks better right out of the washing machine! I usually iron most of my linens but when time comes to put on this one, it is a relief not having to! And even better when you have quests and you are in a hurry to wash and put up new bedding. I hope these photos can serve as inspiration for the photos that you will take for the competition, although this specific fabric is so photogenic, I hardly had to try and make it look beautiful!Scroll below for more photos and inspiration, I cannot wait to meet the winner and style your bedroom as well!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima



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