Norwegian country house bedroom and a tip for storage

July 6, 2018

Summer cabin bedroom in NorwayYou might have noticed but the blog has a new face! What you didn’t notice was that I also moved it from Blogger platform to WordPress, though this is not something that should be visible. It took me a few days however to sort everything out so this space has been more silent than usual. At the same time I moved from Oslo to the country ( Sogndal for those that know) for the summer , and let me tell you I have never been more exhausted in my life. Dont worry I am not leaving Oslo for good, but since I had to move out of the beautiful apartment since it was sold I thought it would be a good time for a break plus a good opportunity to search for a new apartment during the summer! Hopefully I will find a dream apartment in a dream price before September , or at least thats the plan! For now though, I hope you dont mind summer cabin photos, after all this is where I will be for the next few weeks!

At the same time, this cabin just passed in our hands, before now I couldn’t really put my signature on it, so whenever I was here I didn’t show too much of it. Now that we own it though, I can finally change it at will, budget allowing of course. I am planning on painting and redecorating and I have already started so stay tuned for more posts! 

Today I thought I should share our bedroom on the loft, plus some tips! I dont have a before photo for this, my father in law actually had to take this room apart completely 2 summers ago and rebuilt it floor upwards. He kept the old door and the old window and installed new floors and tapestry. I painted over the tapestry a few months ago but I still dont really like how it looks. This is the same colour I had in my Oslo bedroom but due to the environment there it looked beige, here it is just grey and I m honestly tired of grey. I decided to paint the walls white but use the same type I will use on the doors, and here is the first tip! 

TIP : Use the same type of paint for the walls as the one you use for the doors and panels, if the surface is small, this way the walls will look slightly thicker and will fit perfectly with the doors and windows giving a sense of cohesion! 

Plus for my bedroom this will mean the room will look bigger as well. The slanted room is amazing, it makes for a cozy space, but it also tends to drive the eye lower making the room seem even smaller. Painting it all the same colour will solve more than one problems! Next on the painting list are the floors. The boards look beautiful but they have a yellowish tint that doesn’t show in these photos, but it will after white washing it! I only need to wash the floor carefully, then paint over once, fingers crossed it will look exactly how I have it in my head! I will make another blogpost after the changes and I will list exactly what I used to achieve colours and hues.

Summer cabin bedroom in NorwayThe other tip comes in the form of storage. More than a year ago I bought these door hooks from Lagerhaus ( they also come in stainless steel  ), they are very versatile and sturdy, and budget friendly! Since they are single  they can be placed on any door and as many as the door can fit in a row, and they can hold quite a lot of weight as well. I have been using them for almost any door in the house, for hanging robes, to hand mirrors and purses or make up bags, anything that I use everyday and can be hanged for space, it will go on these hooks. And on the plus side? It really looks as if its styled for a photo when in reality it is just handy! What can be better than that? Beauty and usability! 

Summer cabin bedroom in Norway Summer cabin bedroom in Norway// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima



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