I moved my blog to WordPress , first impressions

July 15, 2018

Onlydecolove cacaoIt has been a very busy summer for me already, one of the most noticeable for me and for you was the change of course of the theme of the blog, but as I mentioned earlier I actually moved my blog to WordPress from Blogger! I am already quite happy with the change, WordPress is offering many more tools that Blogger does ( regarding SEO , insights, easy integration of plugins ), really in all honesty my experience so far is that it is superior in every way. Of course it takes a little bit of getting used to so please excuse my posting schedule, but it is going to get better and better as weeks go by and I get used to the new platform.

Onto the technical stuff, I used a service to move my blog from blogger , the same that provided with the theme called Pip Dig and the theme I used is Opulence. I have nothing but good words for Pip Dig and the service, the only thing I had to do was provide with some information and after a few days my blog was completely moved without any hiccups, while there was no downtime time. I am not self hosting my blog so I can create a custom theme for the blog, and this is exactly what you can expect in the next few months. I will share more details as  I am ready to launch , but for now I think the theme from Pip Dig looks quite nice!

Impressions and why I decided to move my blog to WordPress

1. I own my blog now

Blogger is owned by Google, and while it has been reliable ( and most importantly free ) , the blog technically does not belong to you, it belongs to Google. And whenever Google seems fit, they can take it down without even a notice. I did not want to loose access to my blog, but most importantly I needed the tools that WordPress provides for self hosted blogs, so the change was necessary. I now use WordPress as my hosting provider but the domain and the site are mine.

2. I can create my own blog and custom theme

As I explained above, I am on the process of launching my own custom website/blog, and this could only be done in WordPress, since WordPress is an open source software you can easily extend it to add new features.

Even if you are not interested in a completely custom theme , WordPress still wins in comparison since it provides with thousands of well tuned themes for any kind of website. My personal issue? There were almost zero plugins for Blogger, and even worse, the ones that existed were so outdated and not including social media etc, something so basic these days!

The only downside I have seen really is that of security, since Blogger is backed up by Google I never had to think about it, but now I will have to make backups of my blog on my own. I am using a plugin to backup my blog automatically on my Dropbox every week, it is easy to set up and honestly it is not even a problem for me. Here are some options if you are interested however!

All in all, I couldn’t be happier for the move, even though I miss seeing the overall views old number on Blogger ( hint, it was millions since I’ve started it and I couldn’t be prouder!)

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below, I ll be more than happy to answer anything that might help you make the move!


// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima



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