Favorite beach towels from Greece : Sea You Soon

July 19, 2018

The last time I was in Greece a couple of weeks ago, I discovered a Greek brand with the most beautiful beach towels. Sea you Soon, founded by two Greek brothers Grigoris and Konstantinos , has a lot to be proud about, the collections are filled with elegant lines that give out minimalistic vibes and a sense of nomadic touch, but equally importantly the quality is outstanding. I was not surprised to find out that each towel is going through extensive quality control, although I did not expect that every single towel is looked thoroughly for any imperfections, something I find quite impressive. The guys are very proud of their product line and they have every reason to be. I am also proud being Greek myself to see such beautifully locally made products going out into the world. They look even better after a few washes, yet another quality tick on my box. I use them as beach towels, lay them down on grass to sit, drape them around me when cold, after shower, as tablecloths for outside (they are so soft they drape so nicely over the table), sarong around the body after having a swim, blankets, the list can go on. I know you can find them in various resellers al around Scandinavia, if you want to support a company that makes amazing towels, I highly recommend them! They come in so many beautiful colors as well, if you visit the online store make sure to check some of them out. The one you can see in this post that I used to sit on the pier, is the Capraia towel, in Black color. They ship in any country by the way, if you need great quality, truly beautiful photogenic towels ( just a tip for all content creators out there 😉 these products are my tip for the summer. Take them with you to that vacation, use them at home, they are lightweight and will fit even in the smallest beach bag!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima



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