Pholc Mobil

June 26, 2018

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A few weeks ago I introduced you to Pholc  ( find the blogpost here ), a relatively new brand in Sweden that has made quite a lot of waves. A favorite design of mine, the Mobil series which includes the beautiful five arms pendant that everyone loves that hangs in my bedroom .  In the same series there are a pendant with 3 arms, 2 wall versions ( a tall and a short one) and a table version. The now very recognisable design with the curve wall tall version called Mobil 150 Wall can be seen in my home office space, right next to the beautiful big window. Scroll down and you will see how the shape changes depending of the angle you look at it, the signature curve can be seen so easily on the side, while if you look at it up front it looks completely straight!

The designer created the series having in mind that they should easily adorn a New York loft, and while tall ceilings a big windows accentuate the design itself, I can still see it in a shorter height home, even a country house. For me this is where a design goes from just trending, to becoming a classic, when you can see it fitting just as well in a contemporary loft to a classic country house.

Oh , and a piece of advice? Hide all the wires behind a poster on the foot of any lamp, as you see , this is exactly my solution here as well.

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima


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