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June 20, 2018

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nanna Ditzel’s iconic Trinidad chair, Fredericia relaunched the iconic chair in a selection of new shades, enhancing the natural beauty of the materials in a contemporary manner. 

Nanna Ditzel (1923-2005) is one of the most significant figures of Danish design heritage. She is best known for her uncompromising approach to quality, playful shapes and a magnificent ability to transform her artistic dreams into very functional and sophisticated designs. With Trinidad, Nanna Ditzel turned the modernist mantra of material reduction against its original intent. The cut-out fretwork of the curved shells not only lightens the visual density of the chair, but it also functions as a decorative element. Inspired by her travels, Nanna Ditzel designed the Trinidad chair combining signature detailing with effortless elegance, while always aiming for great comfort and a sleek appearance. Nanna, on the inspiration behind the design said :

“On Trinidad I saw how the facades of the houses nearly dissolves in light and shadow – almost like a lace – and I thought to myself: How can I use this for a chair?”

Like a Gingerbread facade, the Trinidad Chair gently plays with the sunlight, creating a sense of motion in the space. The lightweight design embraces the body and is designed to suit not only the setting, but also the person that sits on it. The precise transparency of the Trinidad chair almost dissolves in a play of light and shadow, yet at the same time gives the chair a strikingly bold voice. The new editions are available in smoked, grey and light grey oak leaving the veneer with a visible wooden structure.

Inspired by the design I am also trying to use the chair accordingly. While its elegance stands out in both light and shadow, I am trying to place it in my space in a way that the light will always pass through it various times of the day thus creating a playful pattern on the floor. I also chose one of the new colours, light grey oak with black legs, so it fits my tone on tone styling in the bedroom/home office, although an all black would have looked great as well! Scroll down for more photos of the beautiful Trinidad chair, how do you like it in my space?

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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