Bergen’s best Airbnb rental

June 22, 2018

I will be spending some time in the summer house the next two months, and now that I have gotten the ok to renovate it as I see fit (of course within a budget), I am looking for inspiration as to what style I want it to have. Most certainly I want it to feel like a summer house, or really a vacation house, I do not want it to be too contemporary. A cross between a cabin with modern country vibes is what I have had in mind and when I stumbled on this amazing rental townhouse in Bergen I knew it would serve as great inspiration. 

Built in 1710, this historic Norwegian townhouse has been restored and renovated into what it looks today in this post. When Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture found this old townhouse in the Norwegian city of Bergen, the facade looked great but it didnt match the inside. The previous owners had made some questionable decisions when it came to decoration but also overall style, something that was about to change and become the beautiful modern rental that is today. 

I love the Dinesen Douglas fir floors, the beautiful Bergen based Souk cladded bathroom, the custom-designed kitchen worktops and cabinetry that have been handcrafted by Copenhagen furniture makers København Møbelsnekkeriet, among others. Scroll below to see more photos, and as days go by, check the blog for updates of how my holiday house is coming along! Although so far I do not have the budget for such a renovation as the Saunders one, but nonetheless I promise you, the difference will be quite dramatic!

// Photos via Airbnb page of the Little white House.

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