Sundays Office

May 20, 2018

I came back to Oslo yesterday night and today I spend either on the balcony or right here, trying to catch up with everything work related. And as always, being the great blogger that I am, it took me all day to decide if I was even making a blogpost today, which I am at 23:45. Makes you wonder why I just dont post it tomorrow? Well there is this nagging feeling that I really need to be posting more, even though editorial quality content is hard to make in everyday basis, but then again..not everyday needs to be editorial right? So I hope you will forgive the occasional rumblings like this one, the one photo posts like this one (but a very real one, as what you dont see is me on the edge of the sofa with my macbook), the “I really have so much to say but I just dont have the time to write the words” like this one. I will gather my thoughts and most definitely come back with a clearer mind and more comprehensive posts, but for today, some people have said things better than me, if you find something interesting, do click on!

  1.  GDPR & What It Means For Bloggers, whether you are in EU or not, here are some short and easy guidelines for the new rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (especially if you have newsletter etc)
  2. 4 Things bloggers need to know for the industry to survive , including oversaturation of ads on social media and how this is detrimental for bloggers.
  3. A letter from Holly , I dont agree with everything in this letter from Holly but she does ask some of the right questions, are bloggers truthful with their advertising, as a blogger do you still connect with your fellow bloggers like before, and more.
  4. Frida from Trendenser is wondering if she is lost in her vision and where her blog is going (something I have been wondering a lot as well). Turn auto translation on, its in Swedish but worth a read!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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