My favorite brass details

May 11, 2018

Last few months I think you might have noticed I am loving nickel coated and silver surfaces, but you will also notice that my love for brass is still going strong, even though it is not as pronounced as last year. Key pieces here and there will make a difference, I tend to have one thing here , one thing there.. I think the color pops out more like this and it creates a subtle statement. Today I am sharing a few of my favorites, some new, some old! Lets dig in!

A new addition to my collection ( photo above ) the handmade brass candleholder called Moon Candleholder by Mleko Living. Beautiful shape and quite unique, I love how it looks on my windowsill. Mleko Living also have beautiful ceramics ( remember the carafe from the previous blogpost on my marble plinth table?  That is also from Mleko  and you can find it here). A glimpse also in the photo above of the Ferm Living candle extinguisher in brass, yes you can just blow the candle, but why not extinguish the flame in style if you can?

Another favorite of mine, something that I use all the time in fact, the brass tray ( the Edge Plate in small as seen above)  from Skagerak . Designed by Stilleben in Denmark , this tray is so very versatile, use it as a tray for plants, inside or outside, use it as a tray for small or bigger things, use it to carry things ( on the larger size), you will love it either way. I think I might have 5 or 6 of them in various sizes, it is like an amazing t shirt that you buy in every color because it fits you so amazingly! I also posted this photo on my instagram ( check it out here) if you are looking for a tip to clean your brass items, they will look like new trust me 😉

Simple and clean, the water bottle/carafe from Menu is beautiful on its own, without water, but of course I do use it as intended 😉 The only problem is now I also want the glasses that go with..

Hiding a little bit behind the  beautiful Menu TR Bulb Table lamp, a purchase from almost two years ago now that is still on top of my favorite list. The incense burner Circa by Cinnamon Projects. If you do not know about Cinnamon Projects, then I suggest you visit their page regardless, from fragrances to incenses, even if you do not like to burn them, their collection is so beautiful, you will want one regardless. For the record my favorite one to burn is the 8pm

Yet another from Menu, this time the brass is only on the edge of the marble mirror Pepe. I chose the white one when I got it since I painted everything in my bedroom beige, even the windows, but it comes in quite big variety of marbles, always however, with the brass ring accentuating the design and the marble.

Small but it draws the eye, the brass spoon Fein in small ( comes in bigger sizes as well and it is part of the collection Fein that can be seen as a whole here). My only problem is that I only have 2 of each, I need to fix that!

Old but always on the spotlight, the brass bonbonniere Peak ( here in large), from Stelton. I store everything from candy to USB wires in it, or even used tea lights, depending on where I place it. Handy with stunning design!

And last but not least ( as seen on the photo below), the brass shelf Reflect. The series also comes with beautiful brass hooks ( as seen in my Bedroom Renovation reveal post) that I use when I want to hang anything that is handy in the bedroom ( usually my speaker or robe).

These are few of my  brass favorites, if you have any you would like to share, just leave a comment below, I d love to see what you use everyday and what you love having around!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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