Aesop Deodorant love

May 14, 2018

A few weeks ago I received the newsletter about the new Aesop Deodorant, and as all new Aesop things go, I was really curious to try it. The smell is very familiar , most Aesop scents have a relaxed friendliness aura, you know what I mean if you have ever visited one of the stores. Whether you want to smell like Aesop in your armpits that is up to you, I have been using it so much however that I now need a new bottle. In the photo above you can also see some of my favorites from Aesop when it comes to everyday use. The Lucent Facial concentrate, helps even and brighten skin tone. Thanks to Vitamin C that helps reduce pigmentation, and niacinamide that fights age spots and unifies skin tone, you can expect a brighter skin tone and smoother texture with regular use. A smoother texture will ensure light bounces off your skin evenly to give it that natural, healthy glow. Just pop into an Aesop store and ask for a sample they will be happy to demonstrate and give you a few days of worth of samples too, it will change your skin, I personally love it. Another favorite of mine, the Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm ( sitting on the marble grey plate ), although it is supposed to be for the body I mostly use it for my hands. They are part of the body right? It absorbs quickly and moisturizes thoroughly while the texture of this balm is thick, but when applied to the skin it soothes without leaving a greasy finish. It also smells absolutely amazing, the scent profile is Tangerine Rind, Vanille and Sandalwood The aromatic oils are very soothing, and also penetrate deeply to relax the muscles. Use it for your feet, calves, just try it before bed and you will thank me 😉

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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