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March 1, 2018

Todays post is really on a whim, I was planning to post something completely different but my mood dictated what to do instead. It all started because the sun was casting beautiful rays in the bedroom today (as seen below), and really, this is probably one of my favorite things. It can’t be purchased of course, but to be able to sit and work in a calm environment while watching the sun go down, that on its own must be priceless. However it is the first of March and so, another month has gone by, albeit a small one. My life is certainly not a bliss but I choose to focus on the good things that happen, things that inspire me, things I love to love really (as the title of this post suggests). This means everything that makes me happy one way or another!

Starting with the photo above, there are many things really that made me happy. I haven’t shared that I bought a new table, and it was one on my wishlist for a long long time, the Menu white marble plinth low table!  You can’t see it very well in this photo, I promise I will make a separate post about it, but suffice it to say I am in love with it. Another favorite of mine, the nude leather case/planner set that is on the table, from Kartotek in collaboration with Danish Ham and Lerche. This one came as a surprise too, I found it in my mailbox but I couldn’t be happier when I opened it. For me it is the perfect gift because I cannot keep a digital calendar, I have to have everything written down by my own hand. It is not being old fashioned, I go digital for almost everything else in my life, but I need to write down what I need to do, save dates, or else I cannot keep track of it. This planner set it perfect because not only does it come with its own set inside but it fits my old planner, receipts, notes, and just about everything I need, all tucked in the same place. And it looks so beautiful too! It makes me want to be even more organized than before. Win win!

The photo above includes quite a few favorites, though none take too much space in the photo. This is mostly because what I focused on here was the rays of sun as they fell in the room during afternoon earlier today. Sneak peaks however include :  the glass tray as seen on the windowsill ( from Menu )  and the Pepe white marble mirror below ( also from Menu ). Also as seen both above ( on the desk) and on the bed ( below ), some goodies from Aiayu,  the Helen pouch color Albicant and the Hollie bedspread color Air. When it comes to the tray, I love arranging my things on trays generally, or on a magazine or anything that they can be put together in a way, so having a few trays makes sense to me and also makes me happy for a weird reason. I have been using a lot an old white table mirror ( as can be seen here, first and second photo ) so it was about time for a change. I am not throwing away the old one however as I love it too much, I will be moving it to the summer house instead! The best part of the new one is that it is actually double sided with one side being enlarged viewing, so it fits really great for when I put make up on ( I used to bring out a small one from the bathroom). The Aiayu things are really self explanatory, I love the throw, it is so soft to snuggle with, and the pouch is perfect for everyday make up storage!

Special mention to the Bang Olufsen E8 special edition earphones as seen in the last two photos. They will be soon out for sale in limited quantities if you want them in all white and they do come in a special charging leather box as well. I already have a pair of H9 wireless headphones so I wasn’t sure I was going to like these wireless earphones, but they won me over easily. They don’t just look good, they feel good and the sound quality is really great! I have heard there are some connectivity issues but I haven’t had any trouble so far and I have been using them for more than two weeks secretly 😉 

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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