Easter with Artilleriet

March 25, 2018

Unfortunately this year I will not be painting eggs, neither will I be decorating in time for Easter, I am spending some time away from Oslo, which this means that instead I will be sharing anything that catches my eye online and otherwise. One of the first things I check during holidays is the Artilleriet store and their blog, they always showcase their curated selection so beautifully! I really like the dark theme they chose for this years Easter, some quail eggs, vintage pieces but also ceramics and glass, all set alongside the odd bunny decoration and chicken leg egg cups. Maybe not everyone’s choice for the easter table but certainly a quirky compilation that intrigues the eye! It is all about inspiration and we should only take in what we like, and I like so much of this, chicken leg  egg cups or not!

// Styled images by Artilleriet

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