Birthday Girl

March 10, 2018

Yesterday it was my birthday, and by far, it was the best one yet. I woke up to beautiful flowers ( from my husband) while later all my amazing friends in Oslo surprised me with balloons and sushi dinner at my place. It was the sweetest gesture, I was so very touched and once again, I was reminded how lucky I am to have them in my life. I am keeping the balloons all through the weekend, and probably as long as they will last, after all why not, waking up and walking in the living room makes me feel amazing while they are still there. Birthday weekend! A huge thank you to my most amazing friends, Elisabeth, Line, Emilie and Linda, and to my sweet husband for successfully keeping this a secret and arranging the surprise. I feel like the luckiest girl alive 🙂

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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