PH House, by Norm Architects

February 12, 2018

The PH House , the newest Norm Architects project , is a minimalist villa that is found in Copenhagen, Denmark. The villa is said to have been the house of danish design icon Poul Henningsen, but was burned in a devastating fire later on. Norm Architects restored it to its current state, as seen in the photos I am sharing on the blog today.

Designed for a family of three, the historic house, now a minimalist contemporary home features beautiful high panels, parquet flooring and, as a nod to its previous famous owner, retro PH lamps hanging over the kitchen island. 

The classic elements of the house have been restored and they are now elegantly combined with contemporary details, a beautiful sawcut dark stained oak kitchen with grey ceramic stone island, fits perfectly with the herringbone flooring in juxtaposition to the plain white paneled walls. 

The house also saw some interior changes, where there used to be small divided rooms now there is a big living area with windows on all sides, allowing for ample light to fall through, creating a dynamic, semi-open space with soft transitions. For more photos scroll below, while you can find more works from Norm Architects, here .

// Photos via Norm Architects

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