Northern Launch

February 5, 2018

Northern Lighting just announced the launch of Northern, a pioneering new lifestyle brand that takes their Nordic spirit to interiors around the world. Their first collection debuts at the Stockholm Furniture Fair on 6 February 2018, showcasing the beauty of natural materials, classic sensibilities and an edgy approach to contemporary design. 

The debut collection includes statement making designs and multifunctional products, such as the upbeat modular shelving and storage system from Rudi Wul , and the sleeper sofa by Morten & Jonas.

Products from designers such as Mario Tsai, Gridy, Cecilia Xinyu Zhang, Kyla McCallum, Vera & Kyte, Elina Ulvio, Stine Aas, Mattias Stenberg, Ann Kristin Einarsen, Johan Lindsten, Johanna Forsberg and Sami Kallio complete the range of the collection. 

Crafted from two padded discs attached to a minimalistic frame, the Oblong chair’s fluid form ( as seen above) and geometric profile recall shapes more typical of contemporary art than furniture design. Oblong was designed with an open base that allows light to pass through, enabling the lounge chair to fill a small space without appearing to crowd it. Although lightweight and comfortable, the chair’s frame forms a stable base that keeps the feet firmly in place.

This series of lamps is comprised of a spectacular floor lamp and two models of table lamps. Each lamp is designed with rotating gears inside the base that lock into place with each adjustment of the light. The floor lamp extends dramatically forward to position the shade overhead, while the table lamps can be adjusted to illuminate the areas around them. The gears are adjusted manually, combining eye-catching style with hand-operated features.

Characterised by clean lines, balanced proportions, tailored details and a building- block construction, this stunning sofa provides the cornerstone every interior needs. Although the sofa appears to form a fixed shape, the backrest detaches and slides onto the floor to create a comfortable bed. Daybe belongs to a new generation of sofas designed to balance function and practicality with comfort and style. 

Frame, by designer Cecilia Xinyu Zhang is a multi-functional object that provides a place where laundry can dry and items of clothing can be hung. When opened, Frame extends outwards away from the wall to form lightweight tiers of tubular steel. When no longer in use, the multi-hinged construction silently retracts, returning to its original two-dimensional shape.

The Stilk table series is simplicity at its best. Designed for lounge-like spaces and laid-back interiors, the tables accentuate the furniture around them like accessories enhancing an outfit. The tables are designed with flexibility in mind. The tabletops are available in three different sizes to combine with leg sets made in a choice of heights, offering nine different versions to choose from. Each table is manufactured in matt black to suit a wide range of seating and colour schemes.

This exhilarating series of contemporary seats was inspired by traditional Ottoman stools. The series includes a lounge chair, an ottoman and a pouf. Each of the designs is available in a selection of high-quality contemporary fabrics. The seats’ understated style is subtle enough to blend in with most interiors, yet striking enough to stand out in a contemporary space. 

//Photos Via Northern

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