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January 2, 2018

A couple of days ago I was perusing through my blog feed ( I use Bloglovin and Feedly for reading and keeping up with other blogs), mostly to delete blogs that have been inactive for more than 2 years, in a way to clean up my feed and see if I have space to add some more. I am following at least 100 interior blogs right now and I was very surprised, and sad, to see than more than half of them have been inactive for more than a year now, up to 3 years. With Instagram taking over the blogging world I can certainly understand why some bloggers have chosen to stop, it takes so much time to make a good post, to maintain a good standard for your blog. If you are not getting paid for it, even as a part time job, after a while it is hard to justify spending so many hours on your webpage, while it is so much easier to just post on instagram and involve yourself into that community instead. With instagram however curating our feeds, I would like to see more bloggers coming back, controlling their feed through their blogs.The Lost Blogger Archives will be dedicated into trying to remind myself and hopefully you, that not all those beautiful photos are forgotten. I will be sharing once a month a home of a blogger that has taken a pause, as I would like to think!

Without further ado I present you Sanni Koffert who runs the Sees by Sunni . You can now find Sanni on her instagram account at Sannikoffert .

  // Photography and Styling by Sanni Koffert

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