My 2017 : A year of change

January 1, 2018

On the left : My previous living room  | On the right : My Living room in Oslo.

It has been a whirlwind of a year, 2017 brought so many changes in my life that it almost feels it was two years packed in one. On of the biggest ones, has been my move to Oslo, around June I finally took the big step, and even though there have been some challenges, it is one of the best decisions I made in my life . With this opportunity, I wanted to take a moment before officially starting the new year, to look back  to photos of my old home in juxtaposition to my new apartment, it is certainly a chapter I will always remember fondly, the place I called home for so many years, a homage is in order. 

Above, my old living room juxtaposed to the one in Oslo. I used to only show a small part of the living room in my old house, the rest didn’t have the look I wanted but it would have required a complete renovation to fix, which was something we decided to not go ahead with. In Oslo, the apartment is in a old Classic building,  and I am lucky with beautiful big windows and original floors, there is no corner I would not shoot anymore ( unless it is filled with packs of props which is more often than not). 

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We did however renovate the first floor during 2017 by painting the floors white and the walls a light grey, this completely changed the feel of the room ( above photo to the left) while it made it possible for me to finally be able to shoot wider frames. You can see a Before and After here , the walls were brown and the floors where dark, believe me, it is virtually unrecognizable! On the right from the photo above is a shot of the bedroom in Oslo early on after the move. Stay tuned for a before and after of this room as well in the following days!

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Unfortunately the kitchen (photo above on the left) was also in desperate need for renovation, which is why you only got to see small pieces of it. In fact I usually treated the shoots I would do exactly how they would be shot in a studio, I would introduce elements that were movable or add them digitally for a more appealing result. I have always been very open about this so I hope no one is surprised with this tidbit, but I have to be honest I am so happy I don’t have to do this anymore for my new place. ( And who can forget when I tried to bring some of the kitchen in the previous living room by making a coffee corner with an ikea cabinet and our nespresso machine? Still one of my most visited blogposts! See it in all its glory here ).

The kitchen in Oslo ( photo above on the right), is bright and beautiful, and although if I owned the apartment I would definitely renovate it, I would only do so because I am influenced by trends that embrace a different look. I spend a lot of hours here, not only just cooking and eating, but working as well. Up until recently this was my main office space and I still use it as such depending on my mood!

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Speaking of my home office, on the photo above you can see on the left my old office space, which was on the opposite side of the living room. In the beginning in fact we used one of the spare bedrooms as an office, but it was way to dark with a rather small window, but also, it was just nice to move it upstairs not just for the ample light, but also because it was right next to the wood burning oven. We used a DIY office desk which was 2 and a half meters long, you can see how it looked with both computers on and when I didn’t switch chairs around here. If you feel like going down the memory lane ( that office has changed a lot during the years, just visit the link below, you can find all my office posts there!). It was only just recently, first week into December in truth, that I created the office space you see on the right side of the photo above in the Oslo bedroom. The office is right in front of the bed and bathed in light, it is a great little place to work from during the day, although I usually use it the most as soon as I wake up when I need to respond to urgent emails, before even I visit the kitchen. When I am done I will either sit in the kitchen with some tea, or bring it back here to resume working.

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Last but not least, the bathroom! One of my most repined photos is my old bathroom, as depicted in the photo below on the left. However I have to admit I am in love with my bathroom in Oslo, although small it is absolutely perfect! Since I am renting and the owners are selling the apartment in June, this is one of the things I will miss the most from this apartment! It does not have a window so it is hard to photograph, but I will buy photography lights so I can shoot more in it before I go, but you can often see it in my stories on Instagram, it is always a hit!

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I have actually gotten a little sentimental checking old posts, I cannot believe how many things have changed, from my surroundings to personal and professional growth. I had to stop myself from deleting some of my first posts due to photos I feel are so poorly styled, shot and edited, but, I think it is important to remember the good along with the bad! It is those defining moments that make us who we are!

Here’s to a wonderful 2018, lets try to make it our best one yet!

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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